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Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) is comprised of a multitude of targeted programs and activities as well as resiliency skills taught to enable Airmen to make sound choices. The program’s goal is to build and sustain a thriving and resilient Air Force community that fosters mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness. CAF emphasizes the wingman concept of Airmen and families taking care of themselves and each other, and empowers Airmen to hold each other accountable through Air Force core values. This is an integrated framework that encompasses many cross-functional education activities and programs, such as TAFB Club Hub, which incorporates mental and physical wellness, social activities, family, peer and mentor support, and spiritual health.


The TAFB Club Hub structure is now aligned under the Community Support office, run by Mrs. Emily Haley, and is recognized at the 60th AMW as an official extension of prevention efforts through community building and connection. It has been identified as a wing program designed to assist in reducing self-defeating behaviors. The TAFB Club Hub will been held in conjunction with semi-annual Wingman Days, where Airmen are educated and strengthen the connection of the base and community in an effort to increase a sense of belonging and inclusion.

  • Clubs at Travis
  • Craft Beer Club
  • Travis Football Club


    Description: To provide military members stationed at Travis AFB an opportunity to interact and build relations with the local community through soccer.

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