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FT003 - Fire Training Area #2

Soil Excavation at FT003

Fire Training Area #2 (FT003) is located in the northeastern part of the North/East/West Industrial Operable Unit. Waste fuel, oil and solvents were burned at the site during fire training exercises conducted from 1950 to 1952. Today, a concrete helicopter pad covers part of the site. Chemicals of concern at FT003 included PAHs, metals, TPHs, and PCBs which may have been a source of potential human health and ecological risks. Groundwater contamination at the site is minimal.

Based on human health and ecological assessments of the potential risks posed by the contaminants, the North/East/West Industrial Operable Unit Soil, Sediment, and Surface Water Record of Decision selected Excavation for the soil at this site.

In the summer of 2007, Travis AFB carried out a soil cleanup action at FT003. All of the contaminated soil was excavated and placed in a Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU), located at site LF007. The soil cleanup action achieved residential cleanup levels for all chemicals of concern, so there are no Land Use Controls in place at the site. The results of the soil cleanup action are presented in a 2008 remedial action completion report for multiple sites. Since there are no other media of concern associated with Fire Training Area #2, site FT003 is closed.