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LF008 - Landfill #3

Landfill #3 (LF008) consisted of several trenches used in the mid-1970s to dispose of expired pesticides. The trenches were located within a weapons storage area, a secure area surrounded by a fence with a locked gate, near the western edge of the base.  Several chlorinated pesticides were present in the waste material and soil beneath the trenches and could have been a source of potential human health and ecological risks. In addition, several chlorinated pesticides are present in the groundwater beneath the trenches.

The Travis AFB Groundwater Record of Decision selected Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) for the groundwater at this site. The rationale for the selection is that the pesticides are not dissolved in groundwater but are attached to fine sediment and colloids suspended within the groundwater.  As a result, the interim groundwater extraction and treatment remedy was not very effective.  The Site LF008 MNA monitoring network was established in 2015, and monitoring of the final groundwater remedy is ongoing.

The WABOU Soil Record of Decision selected Excavation for the soil at this site. In 2003, the base excavated the pesticide containers and highly-contaminated soil and took them to either an off-base landfill for disposal or an incinerator for destruction. Most of the excavated soil was placed in a Corrective Action Management Unit, located on an on-base closed municipal landfill. The soil cleanup action achieved residential cleanup levels for all chemicals of concern, so there are no Land Use Controls associated with soil contaminants in place at the site. Controls are in place to protect the groundwater monitoring network.