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SD037 - Sanitary Sewer

Portion of the Controlled Area at Site SD037

The Sanitary Sewer (SD037) encompasses a large part of the original West Industrial Operable Unit (WIOU) and includes Buildings 837/838, 919, 977, and 981; the Ragsdale/V area; and the Area G Ramp. The buildings contain an oil/water separator, sumps, wash-racks, and a fuel hydrant system. The sanitary sewer, which includes about 22,000 feet of piping, continues to convey domestic and industrial wastewater from facilities within the WIOU to the Fairfield-Suisun publically owned municipal treatment plant.  A large groundwater plume beneath the site contains primarily trichloroethene and fuels that may be a source of potential human health risks. PAH, TPH, SVOC, and metals are present in the soil and may be a source of potential ecological risks.

Based on human health and ecological assessments of the potential risks posed by the contaminants, the Travis AFB Groundwater Record of Decision selected a combination of Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO) injections in the portion of the plume with the highest contaminant concentrations and Enhanced Attenuation in the downgradient portion of the plume.  The EVO serves as a food source for microbes that create the local conditions needed for reductive dechlorination to take place.  The groundwater remedy was installed in 2015, and monitoring of the final groundwater remedy is ongoing.  The North/East/West Industrial Operable Unit Soil, Sediment, and Surface Water Record of Decision selected Land Use Controls (LUCs) for the soil at this site.  Adherence to LUCs is evaluated annually.