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SD031 - Building 1205

Building 1205

Aircraft and heavy equipment maintenance at Building 1205 dates back to the 1950s.  Most of the open portion of Site SD031 is paved.  A wash rack just south of the facility is still used to clean diesel engine parts.  Chlorinated solvents, benzene, and the metal nickel have been found in the groundwater and may be a source of potential human health risks.

The Travis AFB Groundwater Record of Decision selected Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) as the final groundwater remedy at this site. The primary groundwater contaminant is 1,1-dichloroethene.  The Site SD031 monitoring well network was established in 2015, and groundwater monitoring is ongoing.  In 2014, a technology demonstration to evaluate a Total Organic Carbon dispersal method as a potential optimization approach for sites where Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination is a component of the final remedy was initiated.  The technology demonstration will be performed over a period of three to four years and is expected to end by 2018.

During the technology demonstration, contaminated soil was discovered and is currently under investigation.  Once the nature and extent of the soil contamination has been defined, a risk assessment will be conducted to support a final soil remedy that will be established in an amendment to the North/East/West Industrial Operable Unit Soil, Sediment and Surface Water Record of Decision.