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SD042 - Buildings 929, 931 & 940

Site SD042 Prior to Soil Cleanup

Site SD042 During 2003 Soil Cleanup Action

Building 929 is a storage shed near a former hazardous waste accumulation area. Building 931 is a maintenance facility for portable electrical generators. Building 940 is a former paint drying facility that was associated with the former Fairfield Air Force Station, an Atomic Energy Commission facility that stored and maintained nuclear materials. No elevated radioactive residue was found in or around the buildings. However, these industrial facilities contributed metals and petroleum residue to an outdoor drainage ditch, which could have been a potential source of human health and ecological risk. The West/Annexes/Basewide Operable Unit Soil Record of Decision selected excavation as the final soil remedy, and the Air Force excavated the contaminated soil and placed it in the Corrective Action Management Unit during the summer of 2003. Laboratory analysis demonstrated that the cleanup achieved residential cleanup levels, and the site was cleared for unrestricted use and closed in 2003.