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Space Available Selection Process

Travelers remain on the register for 60 days or the duration of their travel orders or authorization, whichever occurs first.

When you register, you are assigned a category of travel (see eligibility) and compete for seats within categories based on the date and time of registration. This date and time of sign-up is yours through to destination, however, you must check in at each intrasit terminal within (6)six hours of arrival. A new date and time will be issued when you register for your return travel. You have the option to stand by for any flight you believe you may have a reasonable opportunity on which to travel. Passengers are not required to attend every flight selection process.

Space required passengers or cargo may require the removal of Space A passengers at any point. If removed en route, you may re-register with your original date and time of registration. AMC passenger agents will assign a new date and time to any country you change or add on your application. Names of all originating space available passengers who depart on a flight will be removed from all destinations. Always be prepared to purchase onward or return commercial transportation, meals, and lodging.