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DGMC's Neurology Clinic is comprised of dedicated and compassionate professionals who specialize in the comprehensive care of patients with neurological diseases. Our clinical staff consists of the following:

- Two active duty neurologists
- Two active duty neurology techs
- One contractor neurology tech

Our goals:
(1) Consistently deliver high quality health and wellness care (inpatient and outpatient) for patients with disorders or conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system;
(2) Serve the beneficiary population of Travis AFB and TRICARE West Region;
(3) Maintain medical readiness tasking capabilities;
(4) Establish cooperation and coordination with other departments and ancillary services to ensure quality care;
(5) Coordinate educational opportunities which encourage individual growth among staff and residents, and;
(6) Provide a clean, safe, therapeutic environment for patients and personnel.

Services provided: 
DGMC's Neurology Clinic diagnoses and manages inpatients and outpatients with acute and chronic neurologic illnesses. Ancillary procedures performed include electrophysiologic testing (nerve conduction studies / electromyography / electroencephalography), as well as outpatient procedures such as botulinum toxin injections for certain neurologic conditions. 


Types and ages of patients served:
Patients currently served include TRICARE PRIME beneficiaries <65 years of age; other beneficiaries as designated by Defense Eligibility Enrollment and Reporting System and medical center administration (such as inpatients from VA system).

What we need:
For referrals to Neurology, we require a consult be ordered and entered by patient's primary physician. All consults are routine, referring physician MUST contact on-call Neurologist for any patient needing to be seen within 72 hours.

Patient Instructions:
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment.

Physician Message Center:
Messages may be left on voicemail after duty hours at (707) 423-5029 but will not be answered until the following duty day. All inpatient or emergent outpatient issues (such as those initially handled by the Emergency Department or the Internal Medicine/Surgery house staff) will be handled by the on-call neurology physician who should be paged; patients are not given the direct physician pager number. After-hours and weekend neurology consultative services are available at all times for emergent issues.