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David Grant USAF Medical Center - Maternal Child Flight

Maternal Child Flight, Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum Room

One of six private Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms.

Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms

Labor bed that converts to a postpartum bed complete with a Temper-Pedic comfort pad.


Multipurpose seating unit (couch,table, bed) for your support team.


Newborn warmer in patient room, hidden away until it's needed.


Waiting Room


The Maternal Child Flight front desk.

DGMC Maternal Child Flight

3 bed Well Baby Nursery

DGMC Maternal Child Flight

The Maternal Child Flight offers a variety of educational resources before and after your new baby arrives.

The Maternal Child Flight at DGMC, located on the 4th floor, provides inpatient obstetrical services for childbearing women and their newborns.  The flight is staffed with active duty and civilian registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, medical technicians and ward clerks.  With a focus on wellness, the Labor and Delivery Department, was professionally redesigned the summer of 2015 to create an inviting and open atmosphere where patients are the priority.  This specialty care unit provides comprehensive obstetrical services for routine and high-risk pregnant patients by obstetricians, family physicians, residents and midwives.
Each of the six private Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms has a shower, television with DVD player, multipurpose seating unit (couch, table, bed), rocking chair, wireless fetal monitoring capability, and state of the art equipment.  All equipment in the rooms is readily available, but hidden away until the time it's needed. We encourage babies to stay in the rooms with their parents and seek to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for you and your family.  In addition, the unit has 2 outpatient triage rooms, 2 operating rooms, and a 3 bed well baby nursery.

· Visiting Hours We recognize the importance of family and friends during this special time.  For this reason, during labor there are no enforced visiting hours.  We request only two visitors at a time; however more can be permitted at the discretion of the nurse.  Siblings and other children over the age of 12 are allowed to visit during labor as well as after you deliver, providing they are free from illness.   Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate overnight stays of children; however one adult is allowed to stay overnight to support Mom and baby.  Postpartum visiting hours are from 1000-2100 daily (excluding Quiet Hours).

· Quiet Hours from 1430-1630 daily have been designed to optimize time for parents to bond with their new baby.  This time also allows for much needed rest and privacy as well as the opportunity to become more aware of your infant's feeding cues.  The only interruptions during these hours will be for essential patient care.  Quiet hours are enforced daily so all of our patients may rest. Throughout this time, no visitors are permitted.

· Skin to Skin is very important at family-friendly DGMC!  Two hours of uninterrupted skin to skin is offered to increase bonding between mom and baby, as well as set the foundation for breastfeeding.

· Classes In addition to helping you through your birth, we are here for you with a number of educational programs before and after your new baby arrives.  Childbirth Classes are offered throughout the year and are sponsored by the Women's Health Clinic and Maternal Child Flight.  Please see your provider for a list of class options. The classes cover helpful information about what to expect in labor and also include a tour of the birthing unit.  A breastfeeding class is also regularly offered, please call 707-423-7129 to enroll.

· Breastfeeding support is one of our specialties. If desired, you will be visited by a lactation consultant while in the hospital and assisted by nursing staff around the clock.  Lactation support is available for both inpatient assistance and outpatient referrals.

· Wireless Electronic Fetal Monitoring allows patients to walk throughout the unit and change positions during labor at their leisure.  If your provider permits, you may use hydrotherapy (shower) to help with discomfort while utilizing the wireless fetal monitoring system.

· Wireless Internet is available for patients with a deployed spouse.

Important Phone Numbers:
Labor and Delivery Front Desk: 707-423-3619
Lactation Consultant: 707-423-7129