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60th Surgical Operations Squadron (60 SGCS)



Pioneering cutting-edge procedures that have saved countless lives which would have been lost elsewhere -- both domestically and overseas in hostile war zones --  60th Surgical Operations Squadron personnel delivers General and plastic surgery, Orthopedic, Heart / Lung / Vascular, OB / GYN, Ears / Nose / Throat,  Ophthalmology, Urology, and Neurosurgery health services for more than 500,000 Department of Defense and Department of Veteran Affairs eligible patients. It sustains more than 1,800 surgical cases involving more than 8,600 specific surgical procedures, including 427 deliveries annually. 

60 SGCS maintains readiness and supports worldwide contingency operations with more than 378 personnel utilizing an $10 million budget. 

60 SGCS also supports Air Expeditionary Force missions,  10 research protocols, five graduate-level medical education programs and clinical Phase II training. 

60 SGCS Commander
Col. David Simon
(707) 423-7842

Squadron Superintendent
SMSgt Judy Hickman
(707) 423-2385

First Sergeant
TSgt Crystal Watson
(707) 423-7939