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60th Medical Operations Squadron (60 MDOS)



The largest squadron within the 60th Medical Group, the 60th Medical Operations Squadron maintains worldwide contingency medical readiness for three Wings with  405 authorized personnel supporting a $310.5 million total annual medical expense.

60 MDOS provides quality health care to more than 500,000 Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs eligible beneficiaries. It supports more than 5,600 admissions, 466,600 outpatient visits, 104 research protocols, multiple graduate medical education and clinical Phase II training programs as well as global aeromedical evacuation and DoD/VA joint venture partnerships.

60 MDOS Commander
Col. Michael Ross
(707) 423-7701

Squadron Superintendent
CMSgt Brandi Thomas
(707) 423-7846

First Sergeant
MSgt Michael Page
(707) 423-7868