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David Grant USAF Medical Center - Military Medical Students at DGMC

David Grant USAF Medical Center is the Air Force's flagship medical center in the United States. It is a teaching hospital accredited by the Joint Commission. All students rotating through DGMC are required to attend an orientation offered Mondays at 0730hrs on Level 1 (the first floor) of the facility in unit 1-West. During Federal Holidays, the orientations are shifted to Tuesdays.

Required paperwork consists of immunization records, ADLS Computer training certificate (see instructions below), school coursework evaluation papers, HIPAA training certification, a signed BLS card, and your orders.

For more information on rotations at DGMC, view the link below. Additional rotations are sometimes available by request. Billeting reservations will be made for all active duty rotations at the time they are approved. The billeting website is available below for your review. At the conclusion of every rotation, we ask students to evaluate their experience using the online evaluation below.

DGMC medical student rotations 
Map of area surrounding Travis Air Force Base 
Map of Travis Air Force Base 
DGMC Rotation Billeting Office 
Instructions for ADLS computer training
Anonymous online evaluation for rotation feedback

Important Safety Information for Students:

Fire Safety:
As a student, you have joined the health care delivery team. Should you see a fire, you can be the one to pull any victims out of it. Hospitals have fire alarms like many other places, but please remove any burning victims out of the fire before leaving to sound the alarm. After the alarm is raised, you may contain fires by closing doors to prevent further spread. After the patients are rescued, the alarm is activated, and the fire is contained, you may attempt to extinguish the fire by aiming the spray at the base of the flames. The likelihood of encountering a fire is low, but even as a student, it is time for you to take action within your scope of practice.

Needle-sticks: Sometimes medical students attempt procedures during their rotation. There will always be a risk of needle-stick injury. Each facility you work at will have different procedures. At DGMC, the policy is to immediately inform your supervisor and report to the Emergency Department, located on Level 2 (2nd floor) of the facility. Appropriate paperwork will be provided there, as well as the needed investigation, wound care, and any recommended prophylaxis.

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Graduate Medical Education
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