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David Grant USAF Medical Center - Civilian Rotations at DGMC

Part of the Air Force mission is to support local health care training institutions. Various departments at DGMC have arranged to precept students in clinical rotations from selected training institutions. Each department handles the scheduling, hospital access, computer training and security arrangements for civilian clinical rotations. The point of contact for each department is listed below:

Civilian medical students/HPSP students on civilian status: (707) 423-7950
Optometry: (707) 423-7171
Pharmacy: (707) 423-7114
Physical Therapy: (707) 423-7803
UC Davis Surgery: (707) 423-5180

All clinical trainees at DGMC are required to register and receive orientation prior to the start of their rotation. New trainee orientation occurs Monday mornings at 0730hrs in the Graduate Medical Education office. If you have not received a confirmation email from the Graduate Medical Education office one month prior to your clinical rotation, please call the Clerkship Coordinator at (707) 423-7950.

Civilian clinical trainees at DGMC are required to bring the following five documents listed below to your orientation. You or your school may fax these documents ATTN: DGMC Clerkship Coordinator at (707) 423-7952 prior to the orientation. However, please hand-carry a copy with you to ensure you are able to start your rotation.
1.) The results of a Federal Background check. Your school will usually arrange for this. If not, some agencies will do it online, such as mybackgroundcheck.com or peoplefind.com/ . The FBI is cheaper, but takes longer and you must mail in the application from their website: http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cjisd/fprequest.htm ;

2.) School certificate of current HIPAA training;

3.) A current, signed, CPR card;
4.) A copy of your school's rotation evaluation form, and;

5.) Immunizations and Medical records demonstrating that you have met our requirements below.

DGMC Immunization Requirements:
Tuberculosis: one negative PPD within the last 12 months, documentation of at least two negative PPDs (Documentation should show when PPD was placed and when it was read).

Hepatitis B: For Active Duty medical students, documentation of three vaccine series and a positive Hepatitis B Surface Antibody titer is required. This is not required for Civilian students. Civilian students will be counseled by Public Health to receive the immunization and titer, but will have the option to sign a declination statement and carry on with their rotation. Active Duty Dental and Surgery students have the additional requirement of having a negative Hepatitis B Surface Antigen titer.
Measles, Mumps, Rubella: Documentation of two vaccines, or one vaccine and a positive MMR titer.
Varicella: A positive Varicella titer. Note that Varicella immunizations or a documented history of the disease will not meet the DGMC Varicella requirement.
Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis: documentation of the Tdap vaccine within the past five years. Please note that Td immunizations will not meet our requirement for Pertussis immunity. Only students who have received a tetanus shot within the past 12 months will be exempted from this requirement.