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David Grant USAF Medical Center - Family Practice Residency Program

The Family Practice Residency Program at David Grant USAF Medical Center was established in 1978. It has long been one of the premier Family Practice residency programs in the Air Force and the nation. Today the accredited program trains 42 residents a year (14-14-14) in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

Residents train at DGMC's 60th Medical Group, both in the Family Practice Clinic and on other specialty rotations, as well as other designated training sites. DGMC is a full service, 245 bed, acute care facility which serves as a referral center for the western region of the United States. Consultation services are available with board certified individuals in all departments.

In the first year of training, the program emphasizes inpatient management of medical problems, largely through rotations on a variety of specialty services. In the second year, inpatient skills are refined and greater exposure to outpatient clinics is provided. During the third year, the emphasis is within the model family practice unit, integrating acquired knowledge into the total primary health care of families.

DGMC's Department of Family Practice operates on the premise that comprehensive quality medical care can be provided efficiently and effectively to a family by a well trained family physician. This training is grounded in the six Core Competencies as defined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. These competencies are: Communication and Interpersonal Relations, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Professionalism and Systems-based practice.

The department supports the role of the physician trained in the broad specialty of Family Practice who can care for the majority of common medical problems faced by the average family. This physician deals with the "whole" patient by addressing emotional and social needs as well as physical disorders. The department supports the cooperative role of the physician and patient in the prevention of disease and disability.

The department endorses the position of the family physician as patient advocate in the coordination of the care of complicated or chronic medical problems with other medical care providers. The department asserts that the most effective way to develop skilled family physicians is through progressive, high caliber residency training programs which provide the knowledge, clinical skills, and environment of caring which serves as a basis for the proper practice of family medicine. The department further believes Air Force medical care can best be delivered through the cooperative efforts of family physicians and other specialists.

DGMC residents participate in a variety of medical inpatient and outpatient rotations in house but also rotate at UC Davis Medical Center, Contra Costa County Hospital and VA, Santa Clara Hospital and Yountville VA. The program boasts a unique Family Medicine Cast and Orthopedic Clinic and a Military Unique Curriculum. Residents may also have the opportunity to participate in humanitarian medical missions sponsored by DGMC.

Residents participate in a variety of procedures to include vasectomy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy and fracture management. The Family Medicine Department has faculty staff that specializes in acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. Of the 14 faculty staff, 75 percent have completed fellowships in Faculty Development, Obstetrics and Sports Medicine.

Medicine, Pediatric and Intensive care rotations are performed at DGMC and the UC Davis Medical Center

Our Core Neonatal Nursery rotation is held at a busy county program

● USAFP / research
● Humanitarian trips
● International rotations
● C4
● 10-14 weeks of dedicated obstetrics including eight weeks of high volume OB at a Santa Clara Hospital in San Jose.
● Our residents average 100-150 deliveries
● Unopposed OB care at DGMC
● ALSO courses two times a year via the UC Davis Residency Network
● The Air Force's only Family Medicine program that graduates physicians fully accredited in fracture reduction, casting, and management.
● Two full time Sports Medicine physicians with affiliation with local college/high school sports teams.
● Colonoscopy
● Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

The new complementary medicine clinic including acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. Training for residents will be an integral part of this clinic

● Casting
● Dermatologic procedures
● Vasectomy
● Colposcopy
● Colonoscopy
● Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Core Rotations in:

● Medicine
● Obstetrics
● Pediatrics
● Research
● Surgery
● Family Medicine Inpatient

2008- 14 interns, 15 R-2s, 14 R-3s
2009- 14 interns, 14 R-2s, 14 R-3s

Contact Information:
Family Medicine Residency Program Coordinator
David Grant USAF Medical Center
101 Bodin Circle - Bldg 777
Travis AFB, CA 94535-1800

Phone: (707) 423-5349
DSN: 799-5349
Fax: (707) 423-3051
DSN: 799-3051