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  • Civilian motivates Airmen to “stay awesome”

    Ringing out high above the indistinct, murmuring conversations of the bustling throngs of Airmen moving hurriedly through the dining facility at Travis Air Force Base, California, is a familiar phrase of encouragement.“Alright! You stay awesome!”

  • 60th OSS: Working under the radar

    “In a way, the [Operations Support Squadron] is this sort of clandestine element,” said Staff Sgt. Sony K. Luangphone, 60th Operations Support Squadron air traffic control landing systems technician. “If you don’t hear about us, it means we’re doing a good job. It’s the nature of our job to work

  • Air Force trauma surgeons stay current at UC Davis Medical Center

    On a day-to-day basis he provides medical care for civilian pediatric patients. But when the Air Force calls, he swaps his white coat and scrubs for the Airman battle uniform to hop on a military aircraft headed anywhere to treat critically injured service members.