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  • Travis reopens base dining facility, introduces new food options

    The dining facility at Travis Air Force Base reopened at its original location at 600 Burgan Blvd. Feb. 19, complete with a new name and renovations.
  • Travis AFB updates on-base drone policy

    Per policy from the office of the Secretary of Defense, recreational use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or sUAS, is banned on Travis Air Force Base, California, effective immediately.
  • C-5M pushes into new territory with night-vision goggles

    The C-5M Super Galaxy took a step forward with its night-vision goggle capabilities during last month’s Cerberus Strike exercise. An aircraft from Travis Air Force Base, California, made one low approach and two touch-and-gos just after midnight May 4 at Amedee Army Airfield, California, using the NVG’s.
  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs

    Last year, the Travis Air Force Base community generated $550,004.68 for critical Quality-of-Life program as Airmen, retirees and their families shopped Travis’ Exchange. The $550,004.68 dividend is used to support Travis AFB programs, such as Fitness Center, Child Development Center, Library, Youth Center, etc.
  • Travis using farm animals to control invasive plants

    With a b-l-e-e-e-a-t here and baaaaaa there, more than 300 sheep and about a dozen goats arrived at Travis Air Force Base, California, to begin grazing duties in the Castle Terrace Preserve area that serves as a habitat for federally listed endangered species.
  • Travis Drug Demand Reduction Program offers drug education program for children

    Travis Drug Demand Reduction Program is currently sponsoring a Drug Education for Youth program. The program had been dormant since 2013, but it’s the hope of the Airman and Family Readiness Center to revitalize the program for 2018.
  • Team Travis participates in blood drive, helps local community

    Travis Air Force Base, California, hosted a community blood drive April 27 at the Travis Fitness Center in support of Blood Centers of the Pacific. BCP, a nonprofit, community-based organization, provides blood and blood components to hospitals, physicians and patients throughout Northern California.
  • Cute pets from Travis AFB can cash in during Exchange online photo contest

    Canines, cats, canaries and other beloved pets can finally make their adorable looks pay off.
  • 21st Airlift Squadron hosts first C-17 Squadron Commander’s Conference

    The 21st Airlift Squadron hosted the first C-17 Squadron Commander’s Conference for Air Mobility Command and the Mobility Air Forces at Travis Air Force Base, California, May 2-4. Eighteen Airmen from seven bases across three major commands partnered to share best practices and discuss topics in order to advance the C-17 community.
  • DGMC outpatient pharmacy strives for continual improvement

    On any given day, David Grant USAF Medical Center’s outpatient pharmacy bustles with a constant hum of barcode-scanning beeps, pills rattling in their bottles and storage bins with patients’ prescriptions hitting counters. Those sounds are the outpatient pharmacy staff filling more than 1,000 prescriptions a day, and more than 20,000 prescriptions a month.

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What's a better reason for a high-five than rappelling down the face of a building? Gen. Maryanne Miller and the AMC Command Chief know what's up on #NationalHighFiveDay! #TeamTravis #ProudToBeAMC #EthanHuntWho?
If you're in the United States Air Force, you PT. It's not always easy, you might not always want to, but you still do. That's why Civilian Health Promotion Services is teaming up with Air Force Materiel Command to give you one more motivator to get shredded this summer. Check out the article below for more info!
Even aircraft need a vacation! A fleet of AWACS aircraft from Tinker Air Force Base arrived here today to avoid inclement weather. Enjoy the California sunshine, courtesy of #TeamTravis! #selfcare | #SpringBreak | Air Combat Command
Tree shakes; runway quakes Two birds overhead take flight Both singing sweet songs In celebration of #NationalHaikuDay, we want to see y'all flex those creative muscles and comment some #TeamTravis-inspired haikus. The best one will be turned into a graphic to be shared across our social media platforms! #ProudToBeAMC #SquadronOwnership #LeadersAreReaders
We want to welcome Air Mobility Command's Gen. Maryanne Miller and Chief Terrence Greene this week to check out our mission here at #TeamTravis! #ProudToBeAMC #SituationalAwareness #HangInThereJaime
PCSing can be stressful. Thankfully, it's not something you have to do alone. The transportation management office is here to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Check out some moving tips in the article below!
This. Is. AMC!!! We don't know about y'all, but we could watch Gen. Maryanne Miller obliterate doors all day! #KnockKnock This Air Mobility Command wake-up call was brought to you by the #YearOfTheDefender. U.S. Air Force Security Forces | United States Air Force | U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) | 18th Air Force
Felt cute...Might refuel some aircraft later...Idk #TankerThirst
Happy #NationalSiblingsDay to our built-in besties. U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, you're all looking great...For a bunch of geezers 💁‍♂️ #LoveYouTho
Reading. Love it or hate it, it's something we all have to do, so why not make it work for you? When you crack open a book, you're opening up the possibility of learning something new, and getting learnt looks awesome on an annual review, too! Check out the article below for more information on #TeamTravis' new Professional Literature Program (but less rhymes 😢) #LookOutForTheMixtape #ReadingGivesYouBullets CMSgt Derek Crowder | CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright | Travis AFB Education Center | Travis Force Support Squadron
If there are any Airmen stationed on Travis looking to flex their creative video muscle, consider submitting to our video contest! Submission period is from 29 Apr. to 3 May. Message us for full video criteria and details.
#TeamTravis Airmen supported a joint operation mission with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army by using Navy vessels and Air Mobility Command aircraft to transport Soldiers and equipment to and from Afghanistan. For more information check out the story on our page: https://www.travis.af.mil/News/Article/1809266/mobility-forces-support-ustranscom-air-bridge/
Looking for work? The Travis AFB A&FRC has you covered. They're hosting a civilian hiring event tomorrow at 9 a.m. for all interested parties. All you need to bring is a snazzy outfit and a few copies of your résumé. See you there!
“We received a request for two crews to support relief efforts in Mozambique on March 28 and a few days later we had those crews on a C-17 bound for Africa,” said Lt. Col. Steven Nolan, 21AS BEELiners director of operations. “We are providing #RapidGlobalMobility; the support that’s needed, at the right place and the right time.” #NoBounds | United States Air Force | Air Mobility Command | Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa | USAID - US Agency for International Development | #WingspanOfHope For more information on #TeamTravis Airmen supporting the #idairelief efforts check out the link below: https://www.travis.af.mil/News/Article/1807556/travis-supports-cyclone-idai-relief-efforts/ For more imagery of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)humanitarian relief efforts: https://www.dvidshub.net/feature/MozambiqueHumanitarianRelief
You know when you say a word enough times, it starts to sound weird? "Innovation" comes to mind, right? That's not accidental. The United States Air Force needs more of it, and its most plentiful resource for it is you. #TeamTravis is comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the U.S. military, so when we say #Eureka, you know we've got something good. (U.S. Air Force video by A1C Shay Stuart)
If we don't have power, the mission can't happen. 'Nuff said. The electricians over at the 60th Civil Engineer Squadron keep the lights on, and with them, our means of kicking butt 🙏 #TakeEmByTheHorns | #TravisLife | #TheREALThor
In the immortal words of Drake, "You only live once." Unless you were at last week's Phoenix Spark innovations expo. Using augmented virtual reality headsets, attendees were able to experience combat situations free from the dangers of bodily harm. And that wasn't all. Check out the story below for more peeks into the United States Air Force of the future!
***Crossposted from the 621st Contingency Response Wing*** "Burpees for Testicular Cancer Challenge!" For Testicular Cancer Awareness month this April. Master Sgt. Christofer Galbadores, testicular cancer survivor, 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron security forces training and logistics superintendent at Travis Air Force Base, California, takes a stand against testicular cancer and challenges YOU to knock out as many burpees as possible. Share your video along with important facts below, and tag your friends to help us raise awareness for testicular cancer. ** Leading cancer in men 15 - 44 ** Can strike any age, infancy to elderly ** 95% curable when detected early ** Every hour a male is diagnosed in the US ** Every day a life is lost in the US ** Monthly self-exams = early detection
David Grant USAF Medical Center might be where she works, but the volleyball court is where she lives. Senior Airman Jade Cairns is a force of nature on the United States Air Force's official volleyball team, and she's just getting started. Learn more about Cairns and her meteoric rise to the highest echelons of Air Force athletics in the story below!
Felt cute...Might refuel some aircraft later...Idk #TankerThirst https://t.co/w8IvE0lHbr
Mobility forces support USTRANSCOM air bridge https://t.co/m7pJMeN9W2
Travis supports Cyclone Idai relief efforts https://t.co/Ng22p7CNg1
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