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Studio Photography

Official Head & Shoulder portraits: Are done by appointment only Tuesdays from 0800-11:00 and 1300-1430.

Full-Length portraits: Are done by appointment only on Tuesdays 1500 -1600

All Studio photography is by appointment only and available for official portraits only as required by Official guidance. This applies to all studio photography to include: Chain of Command Portrait (provided for leadership at the squadron-level and above, Commander, deputy/vice Commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant), quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above, Retirement Portrait, as well as portraits for citizenship applications.

Personnel must provide any special requirements, such as photograph size, pose, digital only or number of prints, etc., and notify the photographer of the requirements prior to the appointment time.


The online scheduling system is not used for scheduling of Group/Wing level Award winners’ portraits.
Group/Wing execs will coordinate their winners’ appointments with the PA Studio.
We will work with Group/Wing exec in scheduling the Group/Wing level Award winners portraits during a period established and set aside for this purpose. We would request that you contact your Group exec to coordinate when the date for your Award winners portrait will take place.

Photos will not be modified or edited beyond the necessary cropping and minor lighting adjustments in accordance with DoDI 5040.5, Alteration of Official DoD Imagery, and DoDI 5040.02, Visual Information.

Studio Scheduling


The Public Affairs Office holds to a set schedule for all official photos, and does not deviate from that schedule without the approval of the Base Visual Information Manager, Command Information OIC, PA Superintendent or PA Chief.

Walk-in service for official studio photography is not permitted for any rank or circumstance.

Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Same day appointments are not permitted unless reviewed and approved by the Base Visual Information Manager, Command Information OIC, PA Superintendent or PA Chief.

All personnel must come prepared at the time of their appointment. If a member is missing any part of the uniform, such as a name tag or tie, the member will need to reschedule. PA also reserves the right to turn away personnel whose uniforms do not meet standards (i.e., soiled, too small, too baggy, or wrinkled). Such occurrences will be referred to the member’s First Sergeant.

Scheduling for Official Studio Portraits is to be accomplished on-line at the link below. When scheduling an appointment, you must also download and fill out the AF Form 833 – Studio Scheduling form and email it to:, appointments scheduled without the accompanying AF Form 833 being received will be cancelled.

Your appointment is officially scheduled upon setting an appointment in our online system, you have sent your completed AF Form 833 to the org box stated above, and you've received a confirmation email from that org box. A PA representative routinely reviews all appointments to ensure they qualify under previously stated guidelines. If an appointment does not meet the requirements, we will be in contact to verify details and amend the appointment as necessary. 

Our Studio is located at 581 Waldron Street, Building 243, Bay F1, the 60th Communications Squadron building.




                                                                                          *** Passport Photo Location Change***

Passports, Visa & ISOPREP photos: Are now located in the Wing HQ, Bldg.51 and are accomplished on a walk-in basis on Wednesdays, 0800 - 1200 

This service is provided for military and DoD civilian personnel traveling on government orders requiring a "no-fee" government passport. Dependents requiring a "no-fee" passport for PCS orders are authorized to use the Photo Lab for passport photos. Passport photos are a controlled item, work orders (AF 833) for passport photos must be initiated by MPF outbound assignments or unit mobility office personnel.

Males will wear a civilian-style collared shirt or business attire and females will wear a conservative blouse or business attire. No tank-tops or t-shirts are permitted. Children may wear attire without a collar. Attire white in color is not permitted due to the white background.