Brothers reunited at Travis AFB

  • Published
  • By By Senior Airman Alexander Merchak
  • 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.— On Jan. 4, 2018 Senior Airman Bradyn Harper, 660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron KC-10 Extender crew chief, starts his military career like most, away from family and friends, until his brother Senior Airman Dylan Harper arrived here as a loadmaster with the 22nd Airlift Squadron and the brothers reunited.

While it’s not uncommon for Airmen to call each other “brothers and sisters in arms,” in this case, they are literally brothers, biologically. 

“Family means a lot to me,” said Bradyn. “Dylan and I were raised by a single mother, she really supported us with everything, sports, marching band – even joining the military.”

Bradyn said that being just two years and two days apart in age, they always were inseparable and had the same friends and interests. He even credits Dylan as the reason he watches Quentin Tarantino movies.

Bradyn joined in September of 2017 and his first assignment was 1,738 miles west of his hometown of Arlington, Texas.

“I was worried about the next time I’d be able to see family,” Bradyn thought after relocating to Travis.

Dylan joined a couple years later in early 2019.

 “I’m going to Travis!” Dylan sent via text.

Being in a new place, as Bradyn put it, made him feel isolated and alone, he made friends but still felt homesick – up until he received that text from his brother.

“When I found out my brother was assigned to the same base as me, I was over the moon,” said Bradyn.

The brothers have been able to reconnect and spend a lot of time together. The pair can be seen hiking, exploring San Francisco and hanging out like they used to before they joined the Air Force.

“It is highly uncommon to serve with your sibling together so it definitely means a lot that I got stationed here,” said Dylan.

Crew chiefs and loadmasters aren’t blessed with a ton of options of where they can be stationed, but the brothers being able to share Travis as their home for now, it is unique.

“Serving at the same base with my brother makes the workday easier and gives me comfort knowing I have family support close,” said Dylan.

Both Dylan and Bradyn expressed that putting on the Air Force uniform gives them a sense of pride and being able to serve side by side for the Travis team, makes it that much more special.

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