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Environmental Sites

The environmental cleanup at Travis AFB takes place at many individual sites on the Base. Each site has been given an alphanumeric designation within the Air Force's Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) to make it easier to identify each site and track progress. Summary information on individual sites is available by clicking the links below.    
Site List 
SD001 - Union Creek Storm Sewer System (closed)
FT002 - Fire Training Area #1 (closed)
FT003 - Fire Training Area #2 (closed)
FT004 - Fire Training Area #3 
FT005 - Fire Training Area #4 
LF006 - Landfill #1 
LF007 - Landfill #2 
LF008 - Landfill #3 
OT010 - Sludge Disposal Area (closed)
RW013 - Low-Level Radioactive Burial Site #2 (closed)
SS014 - Former Jet Fuel Spill Area 
SS015 - Former Solvent Spill Area 
SS016 - Former Oil Spill Area 
WP017 - Inactive Oxidation Ponds (closed)
ST018 - North/South Gas Stations 
OT019 - Grazing Management Units 7&8 (closed)
ST027 - TF-33 Test Stand Area 
ST028 - Buildings 363 & 1201 (closed)
SS029 - Monitoring Well 329 
SS030 - Monitoring Well 269 
SD031 - Building 1205 
ST032 - Monitoring Well 246 (closed)
SD033 - Storm Sewer System B 
SD034 - Building 811 
SS035 - Buildings 818 & 819 (closed)
SD036 - Building 872 
SD037 - Sanitary Sewer 
DP039 - Building 755 
SS041 - Building 905 (closed)
SD042 - Buildings 929, 931 & 940 (closed)
SD043 - Building 916 (closed)
LF044 - Landfill X 
SD045 - Former Small Arms Range (closed)
SS046 - Railhead Munitions Staging Area (closed)


Phone: (707) 424-4321


If you would like to provide feedback on this website, its contents, or on any matter concerning the Travis AFB Environmental Cleanup Program, please email the base Environmental Coordinator at

If you would like to receive copies of the quarterly restoration program newsletter, The Guardian, please include your name and address in your message.