Parking on Base

The Base Traffic Code is addressed in Travis AFB Instruction 31-103

(eventually changing to Travis AFB Instruction 31-116).  Lost, abandoned or

acquired property is addresses in Travis AFB Instruction 31-104. These

instruction cover various topics to include parking, registration and

towing. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Parking is limited to authorized areas.  Privately-owned boats,

campers/shells, and recreation/utility/camping trailers will not be parked

in any of the housing areas, dormitory areas, lodging areas and parking

lots or on streets. These vehicles may be parked in the

secure parking lot near Building 901, controlled by 60th Force Support

Squadron, Outdoor Recreation located in Bldg 863. The only exception to this

rule is at the Base Exchange (BX). Vendors may park their trailers in the

parking lot on the southwest side of Bldg. 648 adjacent to Ragsdale St. or

any other location approved by the 60 MSG/CC. AAFES will issue a permit or

placard to the vendor, who will display it on the vehicle while it is parked

on base. Integrated campers/trucks, that are no larger than one ton, from

which the shell cannot be removed and which are an individual's only form of

transportation and do not have a parking spot, may be parked in the housing

areas. Guests who are registered at billeting and staying in the Temporary

Lodging Facility (TLF) may park U-hauls, boats, campers/shells and

recreation/utility/camping vehicles and trailers at designated lodging

parking lots as long as they are staying at lodging. The Westwind Inn staff

will issue a permit or placard to the guest, who will display it on the

vehicle while it is parked on base. 

"For Sale" vehicles must be parked in the Privately Owned Vehicle Resale Lot

on Hickam Avenue. Permits are issued at the Auto Skills Center. Exception:

When used for daily commute and parked at the owner's work place or their


Vehicles may be considered abandoned it they remain parking in one location

for more than 72 hours.  In most circumstances, abandoned vehicles are

tagged with a DD Form 2504.  After 72 hours, the vehicle is subject to tow.

Vehicles may also be towed if they are illegally parked blocking roadways

and sidewalks or create a safety hazard.  

A vehicle with expired registration more than six months is subject to

immediate tow.  Most states have on-line motor vehicle registration


Security Forces direct the removal of abandoned vehicles and vehicles that

present traffic, safety, fire-fighting or emergency maintenance obstacles.

Security Forces is responsible for contacting the towing company. Civilian

towing companies will recover all costs of towing and storage directly from

the vehicle owner or other designated representative.  This can get

expensive.  Storage fees are calculated daily.


If you have any questions about the vehicle program or if you have concerns

about abandoned vehicles or illegal parking, please contact the Emergency

Control Center at (707) 424-2800. If you want to address any citations,

contact Mr. Mclain at (707) 424-2446. If you have concerns about abandoned

vehicles or towed vehicles contact Mr. Garlick at (707) 424-2478.