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Current DGMC Emergency Department Operations

Normal ops for ED (open 24/7) aside from COVID-19 testing.

Non-emergent COVID-19 testing will not be done in the ER. If a patient presents at the ER requesting to be tested, they will be evaluated by a medical technician to see if they meet testing requirements at the ED. If not they will be deferred to schedule an appointment to test in the COVID-19 testing clinic located in 3E.

For quarantine information visit the link below.

Current as of June 29, 2022


The COVID-19 vaccine distribution is now open for all beneficiaries at Travis Air Force Base. This means if you are a Department of Defense ID cardholder with access to Travis AFB, you are eligible to register for the vaccine.

** Note: beneficiaries must be 18 years or older for the Moderna vaccine.  

To schedule your 1st or 2nd COVID-19 Vaccination or Booster at DGMC please go to the following web link to access the DHA Appointing Portal (DAP):


SCAN the QR Code below with your smart phone’s camera to schedule your COVID-19 Vaccination dose.  It will take you to the DHA Appointing Portal scheduling APP.

To learn more about the DOD’s vaccine distribution plan please visit:

(Current as of March, 2022)