About Documents

The Travis AFB Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) team consists of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Travis Installation Support Team staff and representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Region (RWQCB).  The regulatory representatives are referred to as Remedial Project Managers (RPMs). 

The RPMs meet monthly either in person or via teleconference to discuss and resolve issues related to the cleanup of the base. Meeting minutes are available for review on this web site as they become final.  Additional meetings are held as necessary to discuss specific topics. 

RPMs develop several different types of documents to record decisions made during the investigation and cleanup process. They are: primary documents, secondary documents, and informational documents. 

Primary documents are published in draft, draft final, and final versions. The draft documents are provided to the regulatory agency RPMs and the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) for review and comment. Comments on the draft documents are incorporated into the draft final version. If there are no additional comments on the draft final version, it becomes final in thirty days. 

Secondary documents are those documents that are discrete portions of primary documents. These portions of primary documents are published earlier than the primary document and receive a review by the agencies and RAB. These documents are published only in draft and final versions. They are included in the primary document and receive an additional review in draft and draft final versions when the primary document is issued. 

Informational documents are documents that don't fall into the primary or secondary category. These documents provide information on one or more aspects of the cleanup program that are of interest to the RPMs or the public. 

The Travis AFB Information Repository contains all ERP documents that have been used to make decisions within the ERP.  In the past, copies of Travis AFB ERP documents could be reviewed at Information Repositories that were physically located at the Vacaville Public Library, the Fairfield Public Library, and at Travis' own Mitchell Library. However, as the number of ERP documents increased, it became more difficult for the libraries to find space to hold them.  So, in the interest of saving paper in compliance with the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (effective 21 October 2003), to promote environmental stewardship, and to make document access more convenient; the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) created an Administrative Record (AR) website that holds electronic copies of all ERP documents in portable document format (PDF) for all active Air Force installations.  Today, the Travis AFB Information Repository consists of the Travis AFB section of the AFCEC AR website and the contents of this public website.

Documents are also available for review at the Travis AFB ERP office. Please email us if you need help finding a document.