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Project #1

Travis Air Force Base is executing a comprehensive approach to Project #1. The public health and safety of Team Travis, their families, and our community partners is our top priority.


Lines of Effort

Team Travis is working closely with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, Environmental Protection Agency, SF Bay Regional Water Board, California Dept of Fish and Wildlife and all additional authorities and officials to ensure potential source of Project #1 remedied effectively and efficiently.

In response to Project #1, Team Travis employed a variety of mitigation equipment and supplies of the project on base to contain any potential containments. Our current mitigation protocol is reviewed and approved by the California Water Board, Coast Guard, EPA and additional environmental partners.

All new project observations are reported to the State Water Board via the National Response Center and California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Additionally, Travis teammates perform daily visual observations to identify any future project appearances.

LOE 1: 

LOE 2:

LOE 3:

LOE 4:

Sampling Process

The installation performs monthly sampling. For more information on sampling processes and procedures click here [STORYBOARD]

Additionally, these samples are submitted to [WHAT AGENCY] for validation.

Latest results – date [Link]

Mitigation Procedures

U.S. Ecology team supports the current project mitigation efforts (along Project #1) include but are not limited to: an underflow dam, site checks each duty day, regular testing at outfalls and installed spill socks, spill pads, containment booms and a skimmer.


Contact us

Environmental Team E-Mail: enviropa@us.af.mil

60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Email: 60AMWPA@us.af.mil

Phone: 707-424-2011

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Photo & Video Gallery

Travis AFB has been and will continue cooperating with the California Water Board, EPA and other expert environmental partners for all aspects of mitigation, reviews, and source determination projects.

[See photos and videos from Project #1]


If you would like to provide feedback on this website, its contents, or on any matter concerning the Travis AFB Environmental Restoration Program, please email the Travis AFB Environmental Restoration Program Manager at enviropa@us.af.mil

If you would like to receive copies of the quarterly restoration program newsletter, The Guardian, please include your name and address in your message.


Travis Air Force Base hosts a rich eco-system within Solano County. There is an ongoing environmental cleanup program here to reduce the risk of chemical exposure, and protect human health and the environment. This program is called the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP).