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Simon Sinek inspires Airmen during visit to Travis

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Travis Air Force Base hosted Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and author, to speak with Airmen about the tools for successful leadership skills Tuesday in recognition of the mental pillar of Wingman Day.

Sinek is the author of "Start with Why," one of the books on the chief of staff reading list. The list of books provides Airmen of all ranks a guide to further their education and expertise.

Start with Why is also a movement started by Sinek intended to inspire people to do what inspires them.

The leadership skills seminar encompassed ideas such as integrity, consideration, innovation and finding fulfillment through comprehension.

Sinek's focus on leadership stresses the importance of keeping people informed on the "why" of their actions instead of the product of their actions, or the "what."

"One of the greatest things about the concept of 'why' is that if people understand the purpose of their actions then they can find more joy and fulfillment in what they do," Sinek said.

Once a person has accomplished portraying their "why" and gained a following it is important to maintain integrity as a leader, he said.

Leadership is the ability to stand for something and put it out into the world so clearly that people can easily identify the true intention behind your actions, he said.

According to Sinek, a leader is not a person of authority, a leader is a person who inspires others through sincere intentions.

"Every Airman is not in a leadership position," Sinek said. "But every Airman is a leader. has the ability to be there and support other Airmen no matter the rank. This Air Force is full of leaders because everybody shows up to make the system better. Airmen are encouraged to improve rather than make due."

Sinek's vision for everyone to find what purpose, cause or belief has led him around the world to speak with industries, companies, organizations and world leaders.

"My 'why' is to inspire people to do what inspires them," Sinek said.

While the movement Sinek created has become internationally recognized, he finds it important to speak with Airmen about his ideas.

"I love this United States Air Force not for what it does but why it does it," he said. "It is a unique and special force. It is an organization where every Airman is encouraged to be an innovator."