Travis people prepare for July EORI

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More than 700 Travis people will participate in “Crisis Look 05-02,” an Expeditionary Operational Readiness Inspection exercise March 5-6 to prepare them for the actual EORI scheduled for July.

Individuals from other bases will also be on hand to participate in the exercise, which will demonstrate the units’ ability to deploy to, survive and operate in a combat and chemical or biological theater.

During the exercise, base personnel and residents should expect to hear information being passed over the Giant Voice system during late night and early morning hours, as well as Ground Burst Simulators that will create loud explosions. Participants will also be wearing chemical warfare gear during portions of the exercise.

“If you hear an announcement such as ‘Exercise, exercise, exercise, alarm condition blue, MOPP level 4, FPCON Bravo,’ it only applies to those people who are playing in the exercise,” said Lt. Col. William White, 60th Air Mobility Wing ORI team chief.

“Also look for extra vehicle traffic and forklift operations to occure in the vicinity of Hickam Avenue and First Street,” he added.

Travis personnel should also expect some customer service operations to be significantly slower during the exercise, as many units are providing personnel and supplies in support of it.