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  • No. 1 mission – safety

    If you never take the time to read the Commander’s Corner or base paper, this is the time for you to change. As you can see by the cover, this week’s Tailwind is dedicated to safety. In fact, if you remember one thing, remember that, “Safety is the No. 1 mission!” It is not on time take offs, not

  • Chief offers tips to improve leadership

    Leadership is a subject addressed in a myriad of venues by professionals at all levels. The results of their work boils the term down into a few simple and concise words, “the ability to influence.” But what or who are we influencing and how can we tell if we are effective? Although all the possible

  • Chief discusses keys to success

    Happy New Year to one and all. We are now well into 2006 and things are as busy as ever. As we began the new year, some if not all of us have made resolutions and set goals to improve the personal, professional, spiritual or social aspects of our lives. As you pursue these goals, I would like to

  • Leader addresses base happenings

    The Travis Team is only two weeks into the new year, and I can already tell 2006 will be as exciting and successful as 2005. 18th Air Force commander’s visit On behalf of all of the wing commanders at Travis, I would like to welcome Maj. Gen. James A. Hawkins, 18th Air Force Commander, along with