Find the awesome

Lt. Col. Thomas Stady, 60th Communication Squadron Commander, official photo.

Lt. Col. Thomas Stady, 60th Communication Squadron Commander, official photo.

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE Calif. – We all should take moments here and there to reflect on what we do and what other Airmen do each day. Sometimes this is difficult as we all try and slay the alligators closest to the boat—the next mission, the next staff meeting, the next task, the next training event, the next shift, the next patient or even just the next weekend or vacation. As I speed past my first year at Travis, I find it difficult to capture all the awesome things we are doing as a squadron, as a wing and as Team Travis, not because there is no awesomeness, but just the opposite. There is an abundance of awesomeness happening across the base every day. Team Travis Airmen, which includes our civil service civilians, are the professional, educated, motivated, innovative and dedicated Airmen this Air Force needs to take us into the next 70 years and beyond.

It has been said many times over the years at Travis, that if there is something going on in the world, Team Travis Airmen are most certainly a part of it. You don’t get put in every play of every game as a starter unless you are awesome. In the short time I’ve been here, Travis Airmen have done so much awesome for Air Mobility Command, the Air Force and our nation. I could take the rest of this article and try to list those things, but I want you to find the awesome. I challenge leaders at all levels across the base to find the awesome things Airmen are doing every day. This is an easy request as Team Travis Airmen approach their day-to-day tasks with a great attitude, enthusiasm and an innovative spirit.

Awesome exists everywhere. Our family members and community partners have their own special awesome that shines through. The awesome that exudes from our families and our community is amazing. An Airman’s primary duty is to be awesome. Our families and community partners each have many other things they need to get done, but always find time to support Team Travis and contribute their own blood, sweat and tears. Each of us should go find the awesome in a family member and community partner and thank them for doing the unasked and often unexpected, but always unselfish.

When you find awesome across the base and community, I encourage you to highlight it. That can be as simple as a smile and a thank you or as elaborate as writing an award or public interest story. That recognition of the awesome in that person might ignite or enflame a passion for continued service, encourage or validate a unique approach to solving a problem or it might show others that being awesome is okay and help awesome to spread. Additionally, when you find the awesome, it does something to you. When I find the awesome, it inspires me, motivates me and helps fuel me. I challenge you to go find the awesome out there.