Leader addresses base happenings

The newest members of the Travis Team listen as Col. Timothy Zadalis, 60th AMW acting commander, talks about the base at the First Term Airman Center Tuesday.

The newest members of the Travis Team listen as Col. Timothy Zadalis, 60th AMW acting commander, talks about the base at the First Term Airman Center Tuesday.

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, CA. -- The Travis Team is only two weeks into the new year, and I can already tell 2006 will be as exciting and successful as 2005.

18th Air Force commander’s visit
On behalf of all of the wing commanders at Travis, I would like to welcome Maj. Gen. James A. Hawkins, 18th Air Force Commander, along with his wife Mrs. Linda Hawkins. We are excited to have you!

I would like to commend each and every one of the Travis Team members for keeping yourselves and your Wingman safe so far this year.

Since Dec. 27, 2005, the Travis Team has had zero active-duty DUIs!

Please continue to have a plan when drinking alcohol and keep up the outstanding job!

North Gate opens
I am as thrilled, as I am sure all of you are, to finally have the North Gate open for business.

I would like to thank the 60th Civil Engineer Squadron and the 60th Security Forces Squadron for their hard work in making sure the new gate was not only finished, but finished right!

The new gates will bring better security for our base as well as expedite traffic into and out of Travis.

Attempted illegal entrance
As an example to the high quality security we have at Travis, I would like to thank the Department of Defense gate guards and 60th SFS for reacting swiftly to an attempted forced entrance onto Travis.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. Monday, a civilian in a truck ran the hospital gate after firing shots toward the gate.

Security Forces blocked the suspect near David Grant USAF Medical Center shooting out his two left tires after he rammed a Security Forces vehicle.

The individual surrendered and is in FBI custody.

Because of their swift actions, the base is secure, and no one was injured. Thank you!

Junior, Senior Summit
The wing is holding its second annual Junior and Senior Summit Tuesday and Wednesday.

The summit is designed to allow military members the opportunity to affect current challenges facing Travis, such as substance abuse and safety.

I appreciate everyone who is participating in these activities. I would also like to thank 1st Lt. Robert Byrd, 60th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, and Capt. Brenden Shaw, 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, for putting together the respective summits.

National Security Personnel System
We had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Brenda Romine, Deputy Director of Logistics for AMC, during her visit to Travis Jan. 6.

Ms. Romine held two town hall meetings to address questions and concerns the Travis civilians may be feeling about the new NSPS system (see page 4).

Along with your supervisors, I will also listen to any concerns you may have. You are not alone in this venture, so please don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have. With the hard work and success this base produces daily, I am proud to say I am part of the Travis Team. Keep up the good work!