Lt. Col. Katrina Curtis, 60th Contracting Squadron, official photo

Lt. Col. Katrina Curtis, 60th Contracting Squadron, official photo

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Balance, a word we hear used in leadership frequently.  The question is, though, what does balance mean?  Does anyone really know what balance looks like? How do others gauge what the perfect balance to you would look like, especially if they are family? Some may see balance as equal time spent with work and family.  Is a perfect balance always achievable?  I have had a lot of advice and mentorship over the years and one piece of advice has stuck with me. 

Achieving overall balance in your life may just look like a teeter totter; finding the right rhythm that works for you.  Sometimes you are going to be pushed to one side or another.  A big deadline coming up for work or family may send you to one side for awhile, but on other days, you are in the middle again.  You must find the rhythm that fits you, your family and those you work with. We all know that it’s not good for you, or your family, or the mission to be stuck on one side or the other too long.  You have to know that some weeks may suck and be overwhelming and others may be amazing or rewarding.

The biggest way you can help yourself and those around you is through communication.  As my mentor puts it, we must share to get care. Remember you always have people in your corner when you need a helping hand to get back in a balanced rhythm.  Even if you think you are in this alone, you are not. 

In this community we call our military family and in your own family; people are here for you.  We just have to communicate.  Communication must be applied on both the family and professional side. Find the timing your mind and body can go and when it needs a rest. 

Watch out for those around you who may seem to be a step or two out of balance for none of us can carry the world on our shoulders alone.  You can help by communicating with them and bring awareness. Find your rhythm, communicate and define what a balanced life looks like for you.