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  • Tankers: The Bass-Players of the Air Force

    I’ve been a tanker pilot for almost my entire 18-year military career. I am also an avid bass player. It occurred to me that there are many similarities between these two passions.

  • Learning from Gen-X, millennials to embrace change

    As the holiday season begins and the year comes to a close, it is a good time to review the goals we each set in our personal and professional life. What were we looking to accomplish this year and what can we improve on? Did we take care of ourselves and our family members? What about that Airman

  • Veterans Day: You got served

    Good morning, good afternoon, good day. If you’re reading this and serving our country, have served our country or have served as a member of an Airman’s family, I want to thank you for your service. Your service right now is extremely important for our country’s future.

  • Black and yellow represent: commitment, community

    Our profession is often paradoxical. We intimidate, yet we inspire. We deliver combat power to oppose our adversaries, yet also deliver hope to those in despair. I experienced such a paradox on a mission this week.

  • The Airman's responsibility to dissent

    I am nearing the end of my 20-year career with the Air Force. As I prepare to walk proudly away from service to my country, I can’t help but spend a few moments reflecting on my years.

  • Searching for Private First Class Roberto L. Lopez

    This is a brief and microscopic view of another person’s service.When I started military service in 1993, I was given an artifact with a story behind it. It was a Silver Star in an old, worn case. The story came from his relatives who said it belonged to an uncle, Roberto L. Lopez. The name was

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