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  • Prowling paw-pulation purr-sents problems

    Imagine the most dangerous predator you can, a species that kills as many as 16 billion birds and small mammals a year, is considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as one of the 100 worst invasive animals and has caused the extinction of 65 different species. Well, this

  • Non-correlation in metrics can actually mean something

    For almost three years now, our squadron has been working on our processes and how to track how well our processes work. Better known as metrics. One process I determined was vital for our mobility shop arose from the nature of how we deploy in the 6th and 9th Air Refueling Squadrons.

  • Taking opportunities

    Earlier this year, my supervisor asked me, “Hey Carnell, would you mind going to Honor Guard training starting Monday?” My first thoughts were that something must have changed with my wingman’s schedule in our shop. We both intended doing Honor Guard and our leadership chose him to go first. As I

  • Good, not dumb

    A favorite quote of mine is from “Space Balls,” the 1987 movie parody of “Star Wars.” In it, the villain Dark Helmet, says, “Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.”

  • Silent Warriors

    Memorial Day is upon us and we observe this holiday in honor of the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Both my grandfathers, who have since passed, served in the Korean War and World War II. It is an honor to know that I am able to serve in the capacity I can because of

  • Life lesson: Don’t forget family

    Like many of you, I am a very proud American and Airman and have always done exactly what has been asked of me through my military career. The U.S. Air Force has given me so much over my 17 years of service that I’ve felt that I owe a debt that I must repay—sometimes blindly.First off, I was

  • Set the example

    I recently worked for a general who often told a leadership story about guiding a group of Airmen across a tarmac during the Gulf War while missiles were incoming. I had the opportunity to hear the story numerous times and was struck that I did not have a similar story of overcoming adversity in a

  • Invisible Leadership

    What do the words “invisible leadership” make you think of? When I think of invisible leadership, I think of leading people even though I don’t know exactly who is following. Similar to referent power, invisible leadership is when you influence followers because of the followers’ loyalty, respect,

  • Working vs. serving: an important difference

    Every military member takes an oath. Among other things, this oath verbally confirms that each of us will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. This is not merely an occupation, this is a service commitment that requires true dedication and sacrifice.

  • Stressed lately?

    Being 34 days from my upcoming retirement I have spent some time recently looking back on my career thinking about events that helped develop me into who I am today. I’ve grown quite a bit since I was an airman basic at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, U.K., in 1995.