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Leah Brunner’s new year resolution, now author

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jonathon Carnell
  • 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – It all started in her early elementary years – to write descriptive pieces of her cat who was one of her close friends.

“I loved my childhood cat,” said Leah Brunner, published author whose spouse is an active-duty Airman at Travis Air Force Base, California. “I used to ask my mom her thoughts of my stories. She’s always been so supportive.”

Leah said that reading and writing was her escape passed her childhood and into her hardest of days to come.

“When the pandemic was in full effect, my husband was one who had to extend his original six-month deployment,” Leah said while her eyes were starting to glisten with tears. “Six months is a long time. I had no idea how much more time would be spent away as I was home with three kids and we are all missing dad already.”

Her husband, an ICU nurse at David Grant USAF Medical Center, did not know his exact return date either.

“The days were getting very difficult,” she said. “The kids and myself living in an entirely new way of life and mostly stuck in our home.”

Leah found herself wearing a variety of different hats; a wife, mom and teacher, which she said tested her resiliency doing it alone.

She said that reading kept her strong in the toughest of times. After digging in to so many stories, she decided it was her turn to tell a story, or two.

“I set new goals for myself,” she said. “I needed something to reach for so I decided for my 2021 new year’s resolution I was going to write a book.”

Writing a book came naturally to Leah. By March 2021, her first romantic comedy was completed and sent to editors for revision and feedback.

“This was one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever had,” she said. “This is mine, something I created from start to finish.”

Leah has completed two books now and is working on her third.

“I wouldn’t have some of the creative ideas in the stories if it was not for my husband,” she said. “It’s in those funny moments when he says something silly, I can’t help myself – it’s going in one of my books.”

While laughing, Leah brought up one of those funny moments.

“My husband was trying to ask something about a hair follicle,” she said. “But couldn’t think of the word so he said farticle.”

She told her husband that moment is for sure going into one of her books in some way or form.

Now, in Leah’s home, her kids are drawing and writing their own stories about their cat, Sammy.
“It’s ironic how I am doing what my mom did for me,” she said.

To find one of Leah’s books or learn about her writing visit her Author Facebook page.

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