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Travis Air Force Base Mid air collision avoidance

Contact information

60th Air Mobility Wing Safety

Commercial: 707-424-1113
DSN: 837-1113

Pattern information

Radar pattern: 4,000-5,000 ft MSL
Speeds: 200-220 KIAS
Lateral Offset from runway: 5-10 miles
Base Turn: 10-15 miles from active runway

VFR Pattern: 1,100-2,100 ft MSL
Speeds: 150-250 KIAS
Tactical Approaches can go up to 10,000 ft MSL

airports near ksuu

Nut Tree (KVCB)
Rio Vista (KO88)
Sonoma Skypark (K0Q9)
Sonoma Valley (K0Q3)
Napa Co (KAPC)
University (KEDU)
Concord (KCCR)