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Lt Col Sean Kelliher

CMSgt Danielle Brown

MSgt Shawn DeLang

Capt Kyle Pater

MSgt Joel Smith

LT Leon Babcock-McIntosh

MSgt Mary Teso

Commander Senior Enlisted Leader First Sergeant FMA Flight CC FMA Flight Chief FMF Flight CC FMF Flight Chief
707-424-2251 707-424-3855 707-344-8763 707-424-8856 707-424-3926 707-424-1872 707-424-1821

60th Comptroller Squadron

Mission:    To provide a solid foundation of financial support and stewardship; ensuring rapid American global power


Vision:    To be accountable and reliable to every customer and every mission; by cultivating trust and empowering Airmen through innovative capabilities 


The Financial Services Office provides pay and travel related customer service support to military and civilian employees at Travis AFB. 



Monday through Friday 0900-1200 & 1300-1500

Closed on the last Thursday of every month, Holidays, and Family Days

You can check the current wait times and sign in prior to your arrival here


Contact Information: 

Customer Service Portal ( Users):

Email (Non Users):


GTC Information:

To be placed on mission critical status or request a GTC limit increase, please contact your unit’s Agency Program Coordinator (APC). For increases beyond $15K, please have your unit's APC complete the GTC Credit Limit Increase form and forward it to the base APC for further processing. 

Here is a GTC Credit Limit Increase Form


DTS Information:

If you encounter issues with your DTS voucher, please work with your unit’s ODTA.

CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTIONS (In-Processing, Out-Processing, Separations/Retirements, and Deployments)



Members attend a CPTS In-processing briefing on either Monday or Wednesday at 0900 in the Auditorium of Erwin Hall (building 381).  The Auditorium is located near the mini shoppette.

We will walk through completing the PCS voucher and other related documents.  Each member will receive a one-on-one voucher review prior to leaving.  Please make sure to bring all orders, amendments, and receipts.  To speed up your time in the briefing, you can complete the below packet prior to attending.

Here is a PCS In-Processing Packet


PCS Out-processing:


Within 30 days of your departure date, upload a copy of your PCS orders/amendments along with your departure date to CSP.

note: for users only, attach and send to

Here is the PCS Departure Fact Sheet



Briefings are held on Tuesdays @ 0900 in the Auditorium of Erwin Hall (building 381).  The Auditorium is located near the mini shoppette.

Here is a Retirement/Separations Packet

To speed up the process, fill out the entire packet and bring it with you.

You MUST bring your separation/retirement orders, your final out date, and a screen shot of your CC approved terminal/permissive leave to the briefing.

We CAN NOT do anything without your separation/retirement orders.

We CAN NOT give you a leave authorization number until you complete your briefing with us, and you will not be able to final out with MPF without the leave authorization number. 



Here is a brochure which highlights some of the potential entitlements you could receive depending on your location, and length of deployment.  Your deployed Finance Office will be able to assist you with starting any of these entitlements.

Upon return from a deployment, please complete your voucher in DTS within 5 days.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact your unit’s ODTA.  If issues continue, assistance can be facilitated through your ODTA with CPTS to complete the voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I read my LES to understand my Use or Lose Balance and Special Leave Accrual Balance?

Answer: The bottom blocks of your LES have information about your leave balances.  There are specific blocks for the balance you started the fiscal year on 1 October 2021 (“BF Bal”); earned leave to date (“Ernd”); used leave to date (“Used”); current balance (“Cr Bal”); current use or lose leave balance (“Use/Lose”); etc.  Also, in the remarks section it will show you how much COVID-19 Special Leave Accrual (SLA) you have remaining.  This specific SLA expires 30 September 2024.  Since leave is charged on a last in – first out basis and you earn 2.5 days each month, it’s important you read and understand your LES to ensure you do not lose any days of leave.  This attached PDF provides more information, as well as a visual, to help you better understand your LES and manage your leave balances throughout the fiscal year.