Airman and Family Readiness Center

The professionals at the Airman & Family Readiness Center are ready to assist single and married active duty military members, retirees and Travis DoD civilians and their families with a wide range of services and information. 

Mission:  Support mission readiness by helping individuals and families adapt to the changes and demands of military life, and by assisting commanders to respond effectively to family needs. 

Community Readiness Consultant for Unit Leadership:  Community Readiness Consultants are Airman & Family Readiness Center staff members that have been designated as liaisons between the AFRC and their designated group.  CRCs partner with leadership (Commanders, First Sergeants, Supervisors, etc.) to assess strengths, resources, and needs that arise within a unit.  CRCs work together with unit leadership to address personnel issues such as personal, interpersonal, and family concerns. Customized services (as identified by using a collaborative, multi-agency approach) are provided to assist leadership in addressing the organizations health, welfare and readiness of its members. 

Leadership and Management Consulting:  

Morale and Work Unit Teambuilding: When organizations experience personal or interpersonal issues between employees, supervisors, and leadership, the AFRC can help. CRCs help units and work teams improve morale and increase their level of camaraderie. The AFRC conducts team building exercises to help individuals and working groups understand how to communicate more effectively and work together more efficiently by understanding personality differences. 

Develop and Enrich Spouse Groups: Spouse groups are an integral part of military life. The AFRC is ready to assist commanders in establishing new groups, strengthening existing groups, training spouse group leaders and providing on-going support. 

Family Matters Consultant for Unit Commanders: CRCs assist unit leadership in assessing individual or family concerns and in making appropriate referrals in areas such as finance, communication, parenting, etc. 

Facilitation of Personal Empowerment: AFRC consultants facilitate individuals' understanding of their contribution, significance, and responsibility in the work place. The AFRC helps individuals learn that they can make a difference. 

Customized Assistance and Training: Whatever the unit request may be, the AFRC either by itself or in collaboration with other agencies will provide needed services to units. 

Direct Client Services 

Major areas of assistance available through the AFRC include the following services: 

-Personal Preparedness 
 --Prepares members and families to successfully handle the challenges of separations and deployments 
-Information and Referral 
 --Provides referrals to services on and off base 
-Relocation Counseling and Loan Locker 
 --Assistance to members and families to prepare for before, during and after PCS 
 --Household items available for check out to PCSing members and their families at no cost 
-Personal Financial Services Counseling 
 --Financial information, education and personal financial counseling 
-Employment Assistance 
 --Provides a full range of career development and job search services 
-Transition Assistance 
 --Ensures members and families are aware of the transition services and post service benefits 
-Family Life Education 
 --Designed to help singles and families adapt to the challenges of everyday military life 
-Emergency Financial and Crisis Assistance 
 --Interest free loans and grants are available in emergency financial situations on a case-by-case basis 
-Assessment and crisis counseling is available through short-term sessions 
 --School Liaison Activities 
 --Advocate for the educational needs of military children 
 --Assist Airmen and families with information and referral regarding local school districts and other educational options 
 --Ensure school personnel are aware of the unique issues impacting military children 

Terminal Services

U.S. Customs:  DSN 837-2514 or Commercial 1-877-227-5511
Lost and Found:  DSN 837-3161 or Commercial:  (707) 424-3161
Long Term Parking:  DSN 837-5240 or Commercial (707) 424-5240