• 615th CRW plays role in JFEX

    Members of the 615th Contingency Response Wing participated in a Joint Forcible Entry Exercise at Pope AFB, N.C., Jan. 21 to Saturday. JFEX is a joint seizure exercise designed to enhance service cohesiveness between the U.S. Army and Air Force by giving both services an opportunity to properly execute large scale heavy equipment and troop
  • Black history month to kick off

    February is the Travis community’s time of celebration for Black History. The African American Heritage Committee is putting on several culturally broadening events throughout the month, spreading awareness about the history of African Americans to the whole of Travis. African Americans are intertwined with the American historical perspective.
  • Chapel Center receives facelift

    It is said that strong reasons make strong actions, and when Chaplain (Col.) Randy Robnett, 60th Air Mobility Wing chaplain, arrived at Travis in the summer of 2003, he had reason to take strong actions to renovate the Chapel Center. “I was appalled,” he said. He explained to the leadership that the chapel really was in need of repair. The roof had
  • Women in the Air Force: March celebrates women’s contributions to military then and now

    March is Women’s History Month, and Travis joins the nation in recognizing the many contributions women have made while serving in the country’s military. Following is a timeline of significant Air Force firsts for women: June 12, 1948: Congress passes the Women’s Armed Service Integration Act, establishing Women in the Air Force. July 8, 1948:
  • Spa treatment available at Westwind Inn

    For six weeks now, military members and their families haven’t had to go downtown to experience the services and atmosphere of a petite day spa. From several types of massages to herbal facials to reflexology, the Escape Petite Spa, located in the Westwind Inn, can relieve the aches and pains caused by the stresses of living a military lifestyle.
  • Kiosks allow remote access to MPF, records

    New information kiosks will bring customers closer to Finance while running their errands. The kiosks allow people to check on Leave and Earning Statements and access a virtual Military Personnel Flight. “It works like an online finance office,” said 1st Lt. Geary Graham, chief financial service, 60th Comptroller Squadron. The kiosks, which went
  • Cookoff raises funds for AFAF

    The 60th Maintenance Group hosted a chili cookoff Monday in Hangar P1 to raise funds for the Air Force Assistance Fund. Over 300 people attended the event and approximately 60 people donated their chili. “The cookoff was a success and we had great participation,” said Master Sgt. David Smeeth, coordinator for the event. The chili cookoff started
  • 60th CS wins bench press competition

    The 60th Communications Squadron bench press team won first place at the bench press competition held Friday at the Fitness Center. Capt. Greg Taylor, of the 60th CS, bench pressed 370 pounds to help his team narrowly defeat 60th Equipment Maintenance Squadron’s team. “I was understandably pretty pumped right after my lift, but it wasn’t until we
  • Travis people prepare for July EORI

    More than 700 Travis people will participate in “Crisis Look 05-02,” an Expeditionary Operational Readiness Inspection exercise March 5-6 to prepare them for the actual EORI scheduled for July. Individuals from other bases will also be on hand to participate in the exercise, which will demonstrate the units’ ability to deploy to, survive and
  • Driving safety101

    With vehicle mishaps on the rise throughout the Air Mobility Command over the past few years, safety officials on Travis have begun using one phrase as their mantra for reducing on-base accidents, “Slow down and stay aware.” The only thing going through the tardy airman’s mind is the letter of counseling that will greet him if he is late again. As



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#TeamTravis, as we enter wildfire season you may have seen news reports about PG&E Public Safety Shutoffs. Public Safety Shutoffs are preemptive/deliberate power outages during high heat, low humidity and high wind periods where the fire risk due to a downed power line is high. Currently, Travis AFB has been categorized as a Tier 1 fire risk, which is the most unlikely tier to be de-energized due to fire risk and we are currently NOT expecting to be affected by a public safety power shutoff. Should we receive a notification from PG&E of a public safety power shutoff we will provide notifications via AdHoc (PLEASE make sure you've updated your information on the new system) and Balfour Beatty's "One Call Now" service. Informally, we will also post our Facebook and Twitter (@Travis60AMW) feeds. Thank you and #NoBounds!
"It hasn’t always been this easy. I grew up in small-town east Texas and enlisted in the United States Air Force when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) was alive and well. For many years, I experienced a great deal of societal pressure to quell a fundamental part of myself in order to succeed. As a young Airman, I never felt completely relaxed, almost as if I had to keep looking over my shoulder, and the paranoia of losing my career–my livelihood–prohibited me from fully engaging with my new Air Force family. I don’t need to tell you about how deeply loneliness and feelings of alienation can affect a person. It ultimately led me to self-report suicidal ideations because I couldn’t find a way to reconcile being a service member and being gay. If it wasn’t for the few allies who believed I belonged in the our Air Force, despite my identity, I’m not sure where I’d be. Those leaders carried me through my turbulent, formative years until I was able to finally breathe. Though throughout that time I made my fair share of mistakes, and certainly gave my supervisor some unique challenges, I was gifted with the opportunity to show the Air Force my cards as an 11-month formal investigation into my sexual identity was terminated following the complete repeal of DADT. On September 20, 2011, I skipped throughout my building high-fiving everyone I saw without saying a word as to why. I have been high-fiving as many Airmen I can every September 20th since then. It’s my own special holiday. I had won… but what was I to do with myself now? The universe had given me a chance to become a whole new Airman and I decided that I wasn’t going to waste it. Since then, I’ve strived to be the best Airman I can be. I volunteered to serve as a Military Training Instructor, I’ve helped organize several military Pride month events, and I’ve sincerely tried to live up to our Core Values. The freedom to be who I am has given me the freedom to fly, fight, and win. I will never forget, nor be able to completely thank, all of the people who helped get me here. However, more importantly, I will never stop advocating for the importance of diversity and acceptance in our Air Force because I know what both sides of that spectrum can do to a person. Pride month isn’t about celebrating individual preferences. It’s about celebrating inclusiveness and how when we practice it, it makes us all better versions of ourselves. We are a mightier Air Force when we show our Pride." —Tech. Sgt. Shannon Ouimet-Amaro, 60th Air Mobility Wing executive assistant to the command chief #HumansOfTravis #LoveIsLove #Pride2019 #🏳️‍🌈
Travis leadership: Happy #NationalDoughnutDay, #TeamTravis! Can't wait to finally have that Dunkin' on base, huh? The rest of base:
Martinez-native Jake Larson was only 21 when he stormed Omaha Beach on #DDay. Back then, his unit had a motto: “To the last man.” Now, 75 years later, Jake is the last man—the last surviving member of that unit, and if becoming so has passed to him a single nugget of wisdom, it’s this: “Freedom isn’t free.” Read more about Jake’s revisiting of Omaha Beach in the article below.
The events of #DDay were a testament to the strength and resolve of this nation. For those who survived the invasion, Omaha Beach represents both a reminder of those they’ve lost and a promise to preserve their memory. With the help of virtual reality, join them as they recount the events of that fateful day. #BecauseOfThem
75 years ago, the U.S. military, along with other Allied nations, enacted one of the most ambitious amphibian assaults in history. Today, we celebrate the courage and sacrifice of the service members who invaded Normandy on #DDay, and whose actions still stand as one of the most impressive rebukes of evil in human memory. #BecauseOfThem
Sometimes the best part of the #TravisLife is what's (literally) beneath our feet! #NorthernCalifornia has a brilliant assortment of wildlife and flora—even right in your front yard. What makes the #TravisLife sweet for you? Show us in the comments!
A lot of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) readiness exercises start with a single "what if" question. In the case of #NorthernEdge, that question was "What if the Indo-Pacific were to suffer a crisis?" The answer involves about 10 million pounds of fuel 😳 Read more about it below!
Rapid global mobility wouldn't happen without these beautiful #TTails or the maintainers and crew that keep them in the air. Happy #TTailTuesday, Team Travis. #NoBounds #ProudToBeAMC #TeamTravis #FindAWayOrMakeOne #MilitaryLife #AirForce #Maintainer
A lot of things can fit into a C-5M Super Galaxy! That's why when Los Angeles Air Force Base, Home of Space and Missile Systems Center asked us if we could load the latest Advanced Extremely High Frequency - 5 satellite, we gladly obliged and shot this cool timelapse. #NoBounds For more info on the AEHF system, visit: https://www.afspc.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/249024/advanced-extremely-high-frequency-system/ NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend... Clint Eastwood turns 89 today! He served in the U.S. Army and at 21 years old he had a brush with death when the plane he was on went down off the California coast near Point Reyes National Seashore. Eastwood and the Captain made it the two to three miles to shore after the U.S. Navy AD-1 Skyraider crashed into the ocean.
#CaptionThis! From Military Fresh Network
#tbt to May 2014 when Travis got its first introduction to FRED. #DidYouKnow the cargo compartment of the C-5M is big enough to fit an eight-lane bowling alley? #TheMoreYouKnow #BougieButNotThatBougie #NoBounds
🎶 We just took a DNA test turns out we're 100%... America's finest mobility force 🎶 We can't carry as good a tune as Lizzo, but we can for sure carry whatever payload is needed at a moment's notice. #GoodAsHell #NoBounds
“Hopping.” It’s what bunnies do. Or, if you’re an enterprising DoD card-holder with aspirations of travel, it can be your way of checking out some of the world’s best vacation hotspots...for FREE! Check out the video below for some “hopping” pointers.
Exciting new changes are taking place within Phoenix Horizon, AMC's company grade officer leadership and force development program. Click on the link below to find out more. https://www.amc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1855452/amc-expands-junior-officer-force-development-program/fbclid/IwAR3L-VFvea218JaNQRsvwyQ3SwabuUesjhCoDRLNgDoiqwqXgKAvqW7N3Ww/
"Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave." Today's #TTailTuesday is brought to you by these couple of outbound beauties. Show us your favorite T-tail photo in the comments! #NoBounds #ProudToBeAMC #LookingGood
Are you doing the #MurphChallenge today? Named for Lt. Michael Murphy who gave his life in the performance of his duties in Afghanistan, the “Murph” stands as the definitive physical tribute to those who’ve fought and died for our freedom here and overseas. If you are, comment the name of who you’re remembering this Memorial Day. #RememberTheFallen
As Memorial Day weekend begins, enjoy the cookouts, relaxation and hanging with family and friends, but be sure to take time to remember the heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to make the moments we enjoy this weekend possible. #WeRemember #NeverForget
When we’re foot-stomping the same stuff we were foot-stomping seven years ago, you know it’s real. Today’s #fbf reminds you to hydrate, especially during these critical days of Summer. Check out the article for more tips on staying cool ahead of this season’s rising temperatures. #HydrateOrDie #TeamTravis
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RT @FairfieldPolice: To the men & women serving at @Travis60AMW and across the world, thank you for your service and sacrifices. 🇺🇸 #Armed
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Oh, what’s up, @AFThunderbirds. Got that #TankerThirst? #TeamTravis was more than happy to have a hand in today’s… https://t.co/OKBwAL57We
🎶"One of these planes is not like the other, one of these planes just doesn't belong ..."🎶Do you see it? #TTailhttps://t.co/vBkYolLOOC
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Today, our 60th Security Forces Squadron Airmen and key spouses delivered flowers and pizza to the wives and famili… https://t.co/XQLZiObeCZ
To the moms who raised us, the moms within our ranks, and the moms who hold things together so that our mission can… https://t.co/NNZ4JwqS6r
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Today, four T-38s from the @9thRW honored Northern #NorCal health care workers & first responders battling the… https://t.co/r9ckIufmnh
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While providing rapid global mobility, one of our #TeamTravis C-17s was spotted in Kuwait. Even during this "new no… https://t.co/2FQGlXTbtN
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A C-17 Globemaster III assigned to Travis Air Force Base, Calif., is taxied to a parking spot after completing a mi… https://t.co/FHDPa7Yt88