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  • Take pride in being an Airman

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with great Airmen during my career, and nothing makes me more proud than to work beside them. Although I’ve moved to different places and met different people, the ones I remember were the Airmen who took pride in themselves and their work.

  • Trust and Leadership

    Anyone who knows me knows there are two things I am most passionate about when it comes to my career; taking care of Airmen and leadership. As the daughter of a retired senior master sergeant and aircraft maintainer, I have always loved the Air Force and the Airmen who serve in it.

  • Career Transitions

    Over the past year, and a half I have had the privilege of leading Air Mobility Command’s largest and most diverse operations support squadron. This unit is truly one of a kind, providing premier operations support via 14 different Air Force specialties.

  • Passing on a few of life's important lessons

    A seldom used, but favorite quote is attributed to entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash, who said, “Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.”

  • Living healthy is simple, but not easy

    “If you do what’s hard, your life will be easy. If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard,” said Les Brown.Over my years as a leader and executive director of a wellness company, I’ve been saddened by how many people I meet who struggle with their health, weight or their fitness.

  • My Journey: South Korea to the United States

    I was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and I lived there until I graduated from college. I also served in the South Korean army as an assistant operations officer for two years to fulfill my duty to my people. I was responsible for disseminating command level information to subordinate units.

  • Hold the line

    I grew up in China as an only child. Six years ago, I moved to the United States because my mother wanted me to get the best education. I promised myself that while I pursued my education, I would make a difference worthy of crossing the Pacific Ocean.

  • Smell the roses/regrets

    With 25 years in the military, I quite often sit back and reflect over the course of my career. I think back to special experiences, specific deployments and most often the personal relationships I’ve built over this time.

  • Intelligence is welcomed; Growth mindset

    My daughter is in the scraped-elbow phase of learning to ride her bike. Anyone who has embarked on this journey knows it’s a series of frustrating falls followed by tears.As I pick her up after a fall, a concept that has helped me get through many “falls” in my career comes to mind. It’s called the

  • End of Watch, A Tribute to Sgt Terrence Carraway

    On October 3, 2018, I received a frantic phone call from my very dear friend Mike, a brother in arms, telling me I needed to call him back immediately. I had just finished working out and when his phone rang, he hurriedly answered the phone and said, “Terrence is gone, V—they killed him.”It took me

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