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  • Turn your glove over

    “Turn your glove over.”I was tired. And slightly annoyed. For what seemed like the thousandth time, my dad threw the baseball to me as I practiced for the spring season my sixth grade year. My legs ached from squatting into the catcher’s position over and over again. My body dragged from jumping up

  • Be ready for future challenges

    Since I came to Travis in July 2016, I have seen our team accomplish so many good things.Whether it’s a massive undertaking like the airshow, the Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone or supporting relief efforts for four natural disasters in less than a month, we have always answered the call. I

  • Leadership is like keeping a promise

    What an honor it is to serve in today’s Air Force. While writing does not always come easily for me, when given the opportunity, you can bet I’ll chomp at the bit. I would like to take a moment to share my recipe for success, a concept I passed along to our future leaders at Airmen Leadership

  • CAF check yourself before you wreck yourself

    In today’s Air Force and specifically the 60th Air Mobility Wing, we are continually proving there are no bounds. Therefore, Comprehensive Airman Fitness is vital for every collective Airman whether military, civilian or a family member. CAF is defined in Air Force Instruction 90-506, Comprehensive

  • We WILL rock you

    Last month, our Secretary of Defense, Retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, released guidance to all Department of Defense personnel reminding us that we are our nation’s “department of war.”

  • Black and yellow represent: commitment, community

    Our profession is often paradoxical. We intimidate, yet we inspire. We deliver combat power to oppose our adversaries, yet also deliver hope to those in despair. I experienced such a paradox on a mission this week.

  • The Airman's responsibility to dissent

    I am nearing the end of my 20-year career with the Air Force. As I prepare to walk proudly away from service to my country, I can’t help but spend a few moments reflecting on my years.