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Be ready for future challenges

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Steve Nichols
  • 60th Air Mobility Wing

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Since I came to Travis in July 2016, I have seen our team accomplish so many good things.

Whether it’s a massive undertaking like the airshow, the Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone or supporting relief efforts for four natural disasters in less than a month, we have always answered the call. I have seen you all pushed to the limits and come out the other end with a smile on your face and pride in your heart. Make no mistake, your command chief is proud of you.

As we look back towards the accomplishments of last year, we must also look forward. There are new challenges on the horizon and we must be prepared. Readiness is once again at the forefront of our thoughts and I challenge you to take a look inward and ask, “Am I ready?” Are your personal affairs in order? Is your family able to thrive without you at home? You may be asked to leave at a moment’s notice, and your country needs you to be ready to answer the call.

There are threats all around us. Both the east and west sides of the world come with unique challenges. Some we have been fighting for over a decade, some present obstacles that we have not had to deal with in a very long time.  Operating in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environments is a very real possibility. We may face a uniformed military force again.  Are you ready?

I challenge you to push yourself further. Our current mission does not stop when a new threat arrives, the tempo just increases. More will be demanded of us. As we move through the holiday season, try to recharge your batteries to take on these new challenges. We have done so much good at home and abroad. It is time for us to push that boundary and achieve greatness. I know you are capable and now it’s time to prove it.

I am in awe of your constant ability to move forward and your commitment to be better than you were yesterday. You have answered every call and met every road block head on. In the coming months, we will certainly face new and, possibly, more difficult challenges, but I have no doubt you will be ready. We are Team Travis, and there are No Bounds.