Fly in for safety

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Lauren Jacoby
  • 60 Air Mobility Wing

Travis Air Force Base invited civilian pilots to discuss flight safety and strengthen partnerships within the local community at the Mid-Air Collision Avoidance fly-in event Aug. 26, 2023.

The 60th Air Mobility Wing event, organized by the 60th AMW Safety office, historically alternates years with the Travis Air Show. Due to Covid-19, this was the first event held since 2018.

The aerial safety program is designed to promote safe air operations by providing educational resources and promoting open communication. Hosting the event allows the 60th Air Mobility Wing Safety office the opportunity to work with civilian aviators and partners on ways to enhance flight safety and educate them on military aircraft.

“MACA opened the gates showcasing Travis AFB’s mission,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Daron T. Williamson, 60th Air Mobility Wing flight safety officer. “We worked together to enhance aviation safety and interoperability with local aviators by discussing the risks of mid-air collisions and how to avoid them.”

Not only did Travis host civilian aviators for flight safety, they also provided a tour of base facilities including the fire department, air traffic control tower and radar and approach control (RAPCON). Additionally, attendees were invited to tour a C-5M Super Galaxy, a C-17 Globemaster III and a KC-10 Extender.

Serving as the gateway to the Pacific, Travis Air Force Base exemplifies its pivotal role in maintaining national defense and global security through its geographically advantageous location. This puts Travis in close proximity to over 100 airports in the North Bay area. This results in a constant flow of traffic in and around military air space. Each year, this airspace gets more saturated.

“Military flight operations are unique because the type of aircraft, operating areas, flight environment and the times flown are different from any others,” said Williamson. “The threat of mid-air collision is very real, and the key to avoiding hazards associated with high traffic volume is awareness.”

Participating in this event enabled Travis Air Force Base to showcase its dedication to safety, and its role as a leader in aviation excellence. MACA brings together a diverse range of participants creating an environment conducive to networking, information sharing and joint problem-solving. MACA hopes to raise awareness about the importance of mid-air collision avoidance and its role in enhancing overall aviation safety.

“The collaboration with Travis AFB and civilian aviators encourages a dedication to shared airspace safety and achieving safer skies,” said Col. Steven Byrum, 60th Air Mobility Wing deputy commander. “The more we learn from each other, the safer our skies will be. We greatly appreciated the participation of all of our local aviation partners.”