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  • DoD updates parental leave policy

    Travis Air Force Base, California, Airmen who are expecting or planning to adopt can enjoy an extra bit of leave thanks to an updated parental leave policy courtesy of the Department of Defense Military Parental Leave Program.

  • Air Force's top scientist visits Travis

    Dr. Richard J. Joseph, U.S. Air Force Chief Scientist, along with colleague Donna C. Senft, Air Mobility Command chief scientist, toured Travis Air Force Base, California, July 11, to experience innovation at the base-level.Joseph and his team went to David Grant USAF Medical Center, the 60th Aerial

  • Travis AFB Exchange expands layaway program

    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service at Travis Air Force Base, California, is helping military families go back to school while sticking to a budget by extending its layaway program to include computers and tablets needed to succeed in the classroom.

  • Base legal dedicates day to readiness

    The 60th Air Mobility Wing Judge Advocate prioritized preparation June 25 at Travis Air Force Base, California, dedicating a full day to processing wills and powers of attorney.

  • Travis to host bone marrow donation drive

    In keeping with their commitment to the health and quality of life of all military families, the 60th Force Support Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, California, is partnering with David Grant USAF Medical Center to host a bone marrow donation drive June 4 and 6 at various locations on Travis.

  • Travis hosts STEAM competition for local high schools

    Named for Travis’ own innovation initiative, the “Phoenix Spark Challenge” allowed 49 students from the local community the opportunity to flex their genius on a set of three challenges currently facing Travis engineers.

  • Travis using farm animals to control invasive plants

    With a b-l-e-e-e-a-t here and baaaaaa there, more than 300 sheep and about a dozen goats arrived at Travis Air Force Base, California, to begin grazing duties in the Castle Terrace Preserve area that serves as a habitat for federally listed endangered species.