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Occupational Safety coordinates with staff activities and operational sections to ensure safety requirements are integrated into the organization program. Maintains close liaison with federal, state, municipal, and private agencies sharing common safety concerns. Prepares and conducts briefings, meetings, training classes, and associated functions. Performs inspections, surveys, and program evaluations of areas and operations to identify mishap potentials and assess integration of risk management approach, safety equipment, and procedures. Investigates mishaps to identify causes, and recommends corrective actions to prevent recurrence of a similar mishap. Accomplishes trend analysis and recommends measures to correct unfavorable conditions or procedures. 

Flight Safety works to preserve the Wing's warfighting capability through the prevention of aviation and aviation related mishaps, injuries and fatalities. This is accomplished through coordination with staff activities, operational and maintenance units to ensure safety requirements are integrated into daily activities and programs. Maintains close liaison with local airfields, municipalities, state and federal agencies to address common aviation safety concerns. Prepares and conducts quarterly flight safety briefings, inspects unit safety programs, and conducts spot inspections to ensure continued emphasis on accomplishing the mission safely. Investigates flight mishaps, areas of high accident potential, and other hazards to identify causes and recommends corrective actions to prevent future related mishaps. Accomplishes trend analysis to assist in making effective operational and individual risk decisions. 

Weapons Safety program oversees receipt, handling, storage and transportation of explosives and other hazardous materials at Air Mobility Command's largest wing. Conducts surveys and inspections to identify hazards and assures compliance with Air Force and Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board standards. Investigates mishaps to determine cause and recommends corrective actions.

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The 60th AMW Safety Office is located in the Wing Headquarters building (Bldg. 51) Rm. 240. 

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Chief of Safety: 707-424-1108 
Occupational Safety: 707-424-1113 
Flight Safety 707-424-1115 
Weapons Safety 707-424-1113
Motorcycle Safety: 707-424-1113