Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

Why Have a RAB? 
Members of Travis AFB's Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) have voiced their appreciation in knowing about the environmental cleanup at the Base. Travis Environmental Restoration staff find they can accomplish a great deal with input from former employees and community members who have an historic perspective of base operations. Travis enjoys having open communications with its neighbors and involved citizens.  A public meeting is typically held on the third Thursday in April of each year (see Upcoming Events), and a RAB visit to Travis AFB can be arranged by coordination with the Travis RPM and based upon interest of RAB and community members. The date of the visit varies based upon availability of interested personnel.

Conduit to the Community 
As RAB members gain an understanding of the studies and related cleanup decisions, they carry this information back to their neighbors, associates, and special interest groups. In this way, the RAB's role is one of assuring that information reaches the community. A RAB Subcommittee on Community Relations makes suggestions to Travis on how best to share the message of environmental cleanup. 

The RAB Charter - details on the purpose of the RAB 

Meeting Minutes - what has been discussed in previous RAB meetings 

Upcoming Events - RAB meetings, deadlines for public comments periods, other general schedule information