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  • Gyms Closed: Work out anyway

    Fitness centers across the United States have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fitness center at Travis AFB shut down operations March 15 to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Why OPSEC?

    Operations security is critical to protecting the mission of Travis Air Force Base and our Air Force. The goal of OPSEC is to protect information about friendly operations and reduce the adversary’s ability to collect and exploit critical information and indicators about friendly activities.

  • Ride-share Tips: Advice for riding with strangers

    Sara climbed into the backseat of a sport utility vehicle unaware of what’s happening around her. After a night of drinking at a bar in Vacaville, California, she requested a ride home through Uber. Before entering the vehicle, she failed to confirm who the driver is and whether or not she was

  • Working toward yes: Shifting our culture to think beyond today

    During the recent all-calls Chief Crowder and I held, I emphasized that the 60th Air Mobility Wing mission, vision and priorities will remain unchanged. When we come to work each day, we aim to rapidly project American power anytime…anywhere. Each group, squadron and Airman has a role in the finest

  • End of Watch, A Tribute to Sgt Terrence Carraway

    On October 3, 2018, I received a frantic phone call from my very dear friend Mike, a brother in arms, telling me I needed to call him back immediately. I had just finished working out and when his phone rang, he hurriedly answered the phone and said, “Terrence is gone, V—they killed him.”It took me

  • Prowling paw-pulation purr-sents problems

    Imagine the most dangerous predator you can, a species that kills as many as 16 billion birds and small mammals a year, is considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as one of the 100 worst invasive animals and has caused the extinction of 65 different species. Well, this

  • Non-correlation in metrics can actually mean something

    For almost three years now, our squadron has been working on our processes and how to track how well our processes work. Better known as metrics. One process I determined was vital for our mobility shop arose from the nature of how we deploy in the 6th and 9th Air Refueling Squadrons.

  • Taking opportunities

    Earlier this year, my supervisor asked me, “Hey Carnell, would you mind going to Honor Guard training starting Monday?” My first thoughts were that something must have changed with my wingman’s schedule in our shop. We both intended doing Honor Guard and our leadership chose him to go first. As I

  • Good, not dumb

    A favorite quote of mine is from “Space Balls,” the 1987 movie parody of “Star Wars.” In it, the villain Dark Helmet, says, “Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.”