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  • CAF check yourself before you wreck yourself

    In today’s Air Force and specifically the 60th Air Mobility Wing, we are continually proving there are no bounds. Therefore, Comprehensive Airman Fitness is vital for every collective Airman whether military, civilian or a family member. CAF is defined in Air Force Instruction 90-506, Comprehensive

  • We WILL rock you

    Last month, our Secretary of Defense, Retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, released guidance to all Department of Defense personnel reminding us that we are our nation’s “department of war.”

  • Give 'em hell

    In July of this year, I became the command chief master sgt. for the 621st Contingency Response Wing. After five months, I am still in awe of the capabilities, rapid response and resilience of our people. I have had the unique opportunity to watch CRW Airmen at Travis Air Force Base, California, and

  • Veterans Day: You got served

    Good morning, good afternoon, good day. If you’re reading this and serving our country, have served our country or have served as a member of an Airman’s family, I want to thank you for your service. Your service right now is extremely important for our country’s future.

  • Through the eyes of our veterans

    Recently, I had the good fortune to share a meal with a gentleman who had been a prisoner of war as a child during World War II, and went on to serve as an Airman here at Travis Air Force Base. Soon after this meeting, Ken Burn’s latest documentary, Vietnam, was released telling the story of that

  • Strive for perfection, settle for excellence

    To err is human, as we are not inherently perfect. Nevertheless, if we chase perfection, excellence is a probable outcome. To pursue perfection, we must elevate risk to the appropriate level, proactively avoid complacency and learn from honest mistakes. We must strive for perfection—cognizant it’s

  • Are you ready?

    Growing up in the Midwest, I loved to play sports. In fact, there wasn’t a sport I wasn’t fond of. However, the sport I loved most and was best at, was football. In middle school, I was on the field the majority of the game because of my boundless, natural gifts and abilities. Oh, and the fact we