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Travis Air Force Base Fact Sheets

This database holds fact sheets on Travis Air Force Base weapons, organizations, inventory, careers and equipment. Air Force fact sheets contain up to date information and statistics. If a fact sheet is not listed, please contact the 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs office at 60amwpa@us.af.mil

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Travis Air Force Base Fact Sheets

This database holds fact sheets on Travis Air Force Base weapons, organizations, inventory, careers and equipment. Air Force fact sheets contain up to date information and statistics. If a fact sheet is not listed, please contact the 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs office at 60amwpa@us.af.mil



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60th Medical Group Organizations

The 60th Medical Group operates the David Grant USAF Medical Center, the flagship hospital in the Air Force Medical Service. A premier Department of Defense TRICARE regional medical treatment facility, DGMC provides a full spectrum of health care and patient-centered treatment to a prime service area population of more than 500,000 DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs eligible beneficiaries in the immediate San Francisco-Sacramento vicinity. It provides or arranges comprehensive community and referral health care, readiness, education, research, teleradiology services, aeromedical staging, and DoD/VA joint ventures. 60 MDG annually supports more than 1.7 million patient encounters including more than 466,000 outpatient visits, 5,600 admissions, 427 births, 37,300 dental visits, 579,000 prescriptions, 159,000 radiological (X-ray) services, 465,000 laboratory services and 100 research protocols with more than 2,400 staff and a total annual expense of more than $310.5 million.

60th Aerospace Medicine Squadron (60 AMDS)
With 114 authorized personnel supporting more than $310.5 million total annual medical expenses, 60 AMDS ensures expeditionary forces are medically ready and postured for worldwide operations. It optimizes human performance and health by providing the highest quality clinical care, performance enhancement, preventive health service, and environmental risk assessments for more than 2,000 flyers, their families and 4,500 workers in 122 industrial centers. 60 AMDS protects food and water safety for more than 23,000 base personnel, serves the U.S. Transportation Command with an Aeromedical Staging Facility, caring for wounded warriors 24/7/365, supports a diverse aviation mission by serving the continental United States and Pacific Air Forces with the largest treatment and research hyperbaric chamber in the Department of Defense.

60th Dental Squadron (60 DS)
60 DS delivers cutting-edge comprehensive dental services to more than 7,800 active duty members with 99 authorized personnel. It supports a $310.5 million total annual medical expense to provide high-quaility, accessible care to more than 37,300 patients annually. 60 DS also directs a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry and four-year Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency program. 60 DS provides oral histopathology services as well as trains, equips, organizes and deploys dental personnel to support worldwide combat and peacetime contingency operations.


60th Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron (60 MDTS)
60 MDTS maintains a constant expeditionary posture for global contingencies with 318 authorized personnel supporting a $310.5 million total annual medical expense. It provides flagship radiology, nutritional medicine, pharmacy, pathology, and clinical laboratory services for more than 500,000 DoD and VA eligible beneficiaries. 60 MDTS supports contingencies worldwide through in-place expansion and deployment of more than 100 members to EMEDS elements. 60 MDTS oversees seven diverse residency and technical training programs to train high caliber Air Force pharmacy and radiology residents, including Phase II level clinical laboratory and radiology technicians.

60th Medical Operations Squadron (60 MDOS)
60 MDOS maintains a worldwide medical readiness for three Wings and Aerospace Expeditionary Force contingencies with 405 authorized personnel supporting a $310.5 million total annual medical expense. It delivers internal medicine, primary care, family practice, pediatric, mental health, and emergency medical services for more than 500,000 Departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs eligible beneficiaries. 60 MDOS supports more than 5,600 admissions, 466,600 outpatient visits, 104 research protocols, multiple graduate medical education and clinical Phase II training programs as well as global aeromedical evacuation and DoD/VA joint venture partnerships..

60th Surgical Operations Squadron (60 MSGS)
60 MSGS maintains readiness and supports worldwide contingency operations with 261 authorized personnel supporting a $310.5M total annual medical expense. It delivers General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Urology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, and Obstetrical/Gynecological health services, as well as Physical and Occupational Therapy, for more than 500,000 DoD/VA eligible beneficiaries. 60 MSGS annually sustains more than 1,800 surgical cases involving more than 8,600 specific surgical procedures including the delivery of more than 427 babies. It annually supports 20 research protocols, five graduate-level medical education programs and clinical Phase II training.

60th Medical Support Squadron (60 MDSS) 
60 MDSS supports the 60th Medical Group and Departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs' joint ventures. It provides patient administration, readiness, War Reserve Materiel, logistics, human / resource management and communications support. 60 MDSS manages the Medical Group's $310.5 million total annual expenses and more than 2,000 manpower programs with 237 authorized personnel for more than 2,400 staff. It supports more than 466,400 outpatient visits and directs a managed care program for more than 500,000 DoD/VA eligible beneficiaries.

60th Inpatient Squadron (60 IPTS) 
Activated in 2007 as the youngest squadron in the 60th Medical Group, 60 IPTS is a diverse medical service providing primary and sub-specialty inpatient care for more than 500,000 Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs eligible beneficiaries. 60 IPTS provides state-of-the-art care for more than 5,600 admissions with 284 authorized personnel. This joint venture Medical Center, the largest in Air Mobility Command, is a referral center for women's and children's patient healthcare, adult medical/surgical, joint voluntary/involuntary status mental health unit, cardiovascular and critical care.  60 IPTS boasts a total of 120 inpatient beds, including 19 telemetry beds, which allows for the continuous remote monitoring of the heart while the patient is away from the bed. In addition to supporting one of two inpatient psychiatric wards in the Air Force Medical Service, 60 IPTS plans to add services for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder inpatients in the future. As a direct supporter of the Global War on Terror, 60 IPTS responds to EMEDS, CATT, TCN, and other national tasks. There are currently 14 scheduled to deploy in the upcoming rotation. 

(Current as of 9 July 2014)